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How to avoid such accidents when two children are found dead in the car

How to avoid such accidents when two children are found dead in the car a tragedy happened in a kiln near the intersection of Hebai road and Wuwei road in Xinzhan District, Hefei city. A 4-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy were found in a car. When the crowd opened the door with a key, the two children had no breath. Surrounding villagers said that the two children are brothers and sisters and often play nearby. Probably in the evening, the parents searched around the kiln, and finally found two brothers and sisters in the car.

During the police investigation, the parents of the deceased were at one side. The mother of the child, with tears in her eyes, stared at the direction of the car. She said that, like many workers in the kiln factory, she and her husband come from Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province. They came here to work a few years ago. It's more than 3000 yuan a month. It's hard, but their income is better than that of their hometown. 'the older is 6 years old, and he studies in a kindergarten nearby. I'm 4 years old, and I haven't been to school & hellip; & hellip; '

In summer, there are several such cases every year. It can be seen that children's being locked in the car has not been fully valued by adults. How can parents do to protect their children, and how can they teach them to protect and learn to help themselves when they are in danger?

Danger of children being locked in the car

1. The air temperature in the closed car soars and it is easy to lack oxygen

I believe you all know that in a limited space, such as a car with doors and windows closed, the temperature is easy to rise, and that speed can even be described as "soaring". At this stage, the outdoor temperature is increasing day by day. After the car absorbs heat, it can not get proper heat removal. The temperature in the car is easy to stay high, which will make the baby very uncomfortable.

In addition, because the space is closed and fresh air is not available, the oxygen in the car will gradually reduce, and babies are prone to lack of oxygen. Once lack of oxygen, many functions of the body will slow down or even stop. If the time is long, the baby will even die of suffocation.

2. Babies are prone to dehydration and coma

Many physical functions of babies, especially infants, are not fully developed, which is not as mature as adults. The thermoregulation function is one of them. The adaptability of babies to the external environment is low. When the external environment is relatively bad (too high temperature, too low temperature), babies can not adjust the body temperature in time to adapt and buffer.

Then, in the closed car, the temperature keeps rising, and the baby can't get the water supplement in time, so it's easy to be dehydrated and comatose.

How should children help themselves in the car?

If a child is trapped in a car, the following simple self-help methods must be known (guided by parents, for children with mobility):

1. Open the door from the inside: This is especially important. Parents can guide children how to open the door and unlock it according to their own models in daily life, so that they can understand and learn how to get out of the trap after being locked in the car.

2. Honk the horn to remind: many models can still honk under the condition of power failure. Parents should judge whether honking is feasible according to their own models, and teach children how to prevent accidents. You can guide your child to understand that once you find yourself locked in the car, you can press the horn from the car to get around.

3. Honking the horn for help is not a universal insurance. On the contrary, almost all the double flashing lights of the car can be turned on when the car is locked out. Double flashing lights are hazard warning lights. Hazard warning lights of all models are in constant power supply. As long as there is no fault, double flashing lights can be turned on normally.

4. Slap the window: it can also draw the attention of passers-by by by slapping the window (at the same time, it is recommended that the car owner should not stick too dark film on the window).

What should parents do?

The occurrence of these incidents is almost caused by the lack of safety awareness of guardians. Some parents may think it is exaggeration, but what about the facts? It is precisely because of the wrong behaviors of these parents that such incidents increase gradually. It is necessary to think that adults feel uncomfortable in the enclosed space. Besides, the longer children stay, the more predictable the consequences will be. What should our parents do?

1. First of all, daily education and guidance of the necessary self-help methods for children in the car, of course, the most important point is to improve the safety awareness of parents, reduce negligence and avoid accidents.

2. Parents should not have the fluke mentality of "going out for a while", but leave the children in the car alone, even if the window or air conditioner is turned on, never let the children play in the car without care, and educate them that the car is not an "amusement park". When similar incidents occur, parents should stabilize the children's mood at the first time, and call the police for help in time. If there is a rescue tool nearby, they can break the window to rescue themselves.

3. Parents should always pay attention to the situation of the children in the car when they are driving outside. Before getting off, they must take the children out of the car together, and do not neglect to cause serious consequences; while non guardian should keep in touch to ensure safety when taking the children out. It's necessary to teach children how to save themselves, but it's the first thing for parents not to put their children in danger.