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In the twinkling of an eye, it's April. You can put down how you've been in March. Smile and say to yourself -- 'goodbye in March, hello in April'. Look back on the past and expect the future.

In the twinkling of an eye, a quarter of 2020 has passed. Looking back on the past, time has gone away in a hurry. Sorrow, joy, separation and sorrow are scattered. No matter what the outcome is, we should put it down, say goodbye to March and welcome the future. Learn to say goodbye to the past, start from the new April, learn to make every day simple but happy.

In the twinkling of an eye, March is gone. No matter how many misses and regrets, it has finally become the past. I hope that in the coming April, we can firmly grasp the beauty of the moment and treat those around us well. Hello April!

No darkness will not pass, no light will not come. No matter in the face of a raging epidemic or a tired life, there are always people who move forward bravely. Perhaps we are in the darkest early spring of our life, but please believe that the brightest spring must greet us. See you in March and hello in April.

Spring is beautiful and fleeting. April is always warm and upward. There is the simplest beauty and the heaviest thinking. What we can do is to walk and cherish, be calm, feel the amazing of time and feel the growth of life. Forget all the unhappiness of March and start a new April! There is beauty in the eyes and love in the heart. When you meet beauty and happiness, every day is spring!

Goodbye in March. Time always keeps silent. Inadvertently, March is about to slip away. March passed and April came. The best moment of spring finally came. See you in March and hello in April! Usher in the most beautiful April day in the world~

This sudden epidemic also let us know that the days we used to desperately want to escape are actually so precious. The work we used to complain about gives us the confidence to settle down. No matter what dissatisfaction you have with your work and how many complaints you have about your life in March, let it go with the wind. Hello April!

Hello April! The spring is brilliant, intoxicating and complacent. The wind blows gently, the clouds float quietly, the beautiful scenery is everywhere, everything is the look you like in your heart, and happiness is safe. Write a story about spring, fill your heart with green and hope, bid farewell to March, look forward to April, and fly together with your dreams.

The breeze is blowing, the spring is strong, and the peach blossom still smiles at the spring breeze. As soon as you look up, you will find that the sunshine in April is more beautiful; Reach out, you can feel that the wind in April will be more gentle.

Stick to it again and work harder. Even if there is only a little progress, be positive and diligent, and you will be closer to success. One day of exercise, one day of health. Busy when you have something to do, exercise when you have nothing to do. Your body is the capital of everything. Please take care of yourself. Hello April!

1. I like the wind in March, the rain in April, and the sunshine of you! See you in March and hello in April.

2. May time be slow and old friends stay; May the people you miss say good night to you, and may you not feel lonely when you are alone.

3. In April, beauty lies in Qingming, and beauty lies in Guyu. In the Qingming Festival, the frost and snow have gone away, and the world has become suddenly bright, which makes people's mood bright.

4. The years are long and the sea of people is vast. Don't look back and make do with it. Naturally, someone will love you. See you in March and hello in April.

5. You never give me a look back, but I always smile at you. Hello April!

6. Like the song, listen quietly, like the person, look from a distance. Hello April!

7. There will always be some unexpected warmth in life, as well as the entanglement of some people in the game. The best state is not afraid of the future and not thinking about the past. See you in March and hello in April.

8. No matter how good yesterday was, I couldn't go back. No matter how difficult it is tomorrow, we must raise our feet and continue. See you in March and hello in April!

9. May a greeting bring you a new mood and a blessing bring you a new starting point.

10. No one can control your emotions, only you.

11. I have always felt that the most wonderful thing in the world is that two unrelated people suddenly establish a relationship and never forget it.

12. Take yesterday's fatigue away from your dream, let today's passion communicate with the wind, stretch out your hand, hold my sincere greetings, and cheer for you in the new day! Good bye in March and hello in April!

13. The galaxy in your eyes is a paradise I have never seen. Hello April!

14. The four words "willing" seem to show a touch of lowliness, but there is also a courage that can't be hidden & hellip& hellip;

15. The greatest happiness in life is to find that the person you love happens to love yourself. Hello April!

16. The lost things never really belong to you, and there is no need to regret. See you in March and hello in April!

17. If you intend, I will love you more than; If you don't want to, I won't care. See you in March and hello in April!

18. I have no time to be young seriously. When I understand, I can only choose to be old seriously. See you in March and hello in April!

19. Time without laughter is wasted. See you in March and hello in April!

20. There is a wound in everyone's heart. That's where the sky once fell. Hello April!

21. When the song is over and the dream is over, where can we find the person in the dream. Hello April!

22. Life is just a journey. You pass me, I pass you, and then practice and move forward. Hello April!

23. Open your sleeping eyes, tidy up your clothes, be energetic and stride forward. The morning light is dazzling, the sunshine is young, for the ideal, the heart is to the blue sky. Show a smile, a new day. See you in March and hello in April!