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Super players make complaints about the reason why they cut wages.

Super players make complaints about the reason why they cut wages.

On the evening of March 29, AI Zhibo, a player of Wuhan zhuo'er, expressed his views on the salary reduction of players, which is hotly debated in the international football world, and said that the salary reduction in football seems to be imperative in Europe, but I personally feel that the domestic situation is still somewhat different.

Due to the impact of the pneumonia epidemic, football leagues all over the world have almost been shut down, which has sharply reduced the operating income of the club. The salaries of players and staff of giants such as Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have been reduced to deal with the crisis. The CSL has also been postponed for one month, and there is still no plan when to start. Do players copy or not copy the 'homework' of salary reduction?

AI Zhibo, a veteran of Wuhan zhuo'er, has published a long article expressing his opposition to the salary reduction (at present, this microblog has been removed). He believes that the operation of European clubs depends on the income of tickets, TV broadcasting, sponsors and peripheral products. The absence of games will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in this part of income, while the CSL clubs basically rely on a large number of "blood transfusion" by investors, and the income related to broadcasting share and game day tickets can be almost ignored.

From this point of view, it seems that there is no reason for the CSL to reduce its salary. However, under the outbreak of the epidemic all over the world, the investment life intention of the CSL club is also generally affected. For example, the poor performance of Guangzhou Evergrande's real estate business is directly related to the investment in the club. If the business operation of the enterprise behind the club is seriously affected by the epidemic, the investment of the club will inevitably be reduced, and it is not unreasonable to let the players reduce their salaries.

As for AI Zhibo, he believes that European players are on holiday after the League suspension, and the salary reduction is natural, while the CSL players are in the state of intensive training for a long time, so there is no reason to reduce the salary. On this point, although the CSL players have been training in winter for a long time, after all, their main work is playing football. There is no game but training. We can discuss the salary reduction range, not the reason for refusing the salary reduction.

AI Zhibo also believes that players donate money and materials during the epidemic, which is not necessarily related to whether the salary is reduced. After all, European club stars such as Ronaldo and Messi have also donated a lot of funds and materials to fight the epidemic. AI Zhibo also mentioned that compared with some circles, football players don't make much money and it's not easy. Perhaps what AI Zhibo said is true, but it seems to have nothing to do with whether the salary is reduced or not.

At present, FIFA also held a special meeting to discuss the salary of players and coaches during the pneumonia epidemic. In fact, players, coaches, clubs and leagues are a community of interests. If we can't reduce the economic burden of the club in a special period, the club can't get through the economic crisis, which is not good for the players.

The situation in Chinese football is even more serious. This winter, many Chinese first and second clubs have chosen to dissolve because of financial difficulties, and old teams such as Liaozu also broke out salary arrears scandals. Under the epidemic situation, the budgets of Henan Jianye and other clubs will be greatly reduced, the survival of small clubs will be more difficult, and the salary reduction of players will better help the club tide over the difficulties.