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What is the seabird nicknamed Sea Cleaner among the following options? Alipay ant manor April 1st an

The Alipay ant manor updates a topic every day in the small classroom. It answers the question to receive the chicken feed 180G. The question in April 1st is: is the seabird known as the "Sea Cleaner" nicknamed in the following options? There may be many buddy partners who do not know the correct answer to this question. Today Xiaobian will share the correct answers to the April 1st Alipay chick ant manor small classroom.

Small class questions of ant Manor on April 1

Among the following options, what is the seabird nicknamed 'Sea Cleaner'?



Ant manor April 1 manor small class answer


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Apart from fish and shrimp, seagulls also like to pick up the leftovers abandoned by people on board. They are frequent visitors around ports, docks, seaports and ships. When the ship is sailing, there will also be seagulls following, and seagulls picking up food on the beach at low tide. It is known as the 'harbor cleaner'.

Apart from fish, shrimp, crabs and shellfish, seagulls also like to pick up leftovers abandoned by people on board. Therefore, seagulls are also nicknamed harbor cleaners. Around ports, docks, bays and ships, they are almost regular passengers. In the course of the ship, seagulls will follow. Even walking on the beach at low tide will start a group of gulls.

In summer, seagulls fly to breeding sites. They build dish nests with dead grass, branches, feathers and seaweed in the crevices or pits of rocks and reefs on the island, weeds on the grassland and bushes. In some places, the density of bird nests is very high, and the distance between the two nests is 1-2 meters. Each parent bird delimits its own sphere of influence and does not allow other birds to invade, so it is inevitable that neighbors will often quarrel.