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April Fool's Day is coming. Do you know how to send a message about April Fool's day in the circle of friends? The following is Xiaobian's April Fool's day circle of friends. Welcome to read and reference!

1. That girl asked me to celebrate April Fool's day, so I let her celebrate Valentine's day

2. Advertisements are all said on April Fool's day, and Breakups are all said on Tanabata day.

3. Someone will ask you what you are doing on Valentine's day, April Fool's day and even all festivals

4. I confessed on Valentine's day, but he refused on April Fool's day. I suddenly realized it.

5. On April Fool's day, the head teacher separated me from her and couldn't play and whisper together in class anymore Miss the last table and her

6. Today that woman dares to let me celebrate April Fool's Day! I'll let her celebrate Mother's day next year!

7. In fact, April 14 is April Fool's day and April 1 is Valentine's day. Because how many people say sweet words on Valentine's day and how many people say the truth on April Fool's day

8. On April Fool's day, no one confessed to me, no one joked with me, no one paid attention to me, I was laughing and crying alone

9. April Fool's Day is followed by labor day, which means it's too late to find yourself cheated. You can only be a cow and a horse for him & hellip;

10. - in fact, April Fool's Day is not a festival for fools, but a festival to tell the truth to timid people.

11. My grandmother said, today's children! April Fool's Day confession, Valentine's Day breakup, Qingming Day proposal, this is to go against the rhythm of the sky!!!

12. 5.20 I didn't wait for your word I love you, but I waited for you. Let's break up. Today is not April Fool's day

13. On April Fool's day, how many men and women take the sentence 'I love you' as true.

14. If you play April Fool's day for me, I'll play Qingming Day for you.

15. Spend a dime to give you this message for three purposes: first, prove that your mobile phone can receive information, second, harass you openly, and third, a person with both talent and appearance is missing you, pig head~

16. It is said that you have made a fortune and paid off all your foreign debts. Then you should pay me back the half rubber you borrowed from me in primary school. With so many years of interest, you should pay me back a tire.

17. Listen! I'm after you! I'll recognize you! I've been looking for you! I'll definitely take advantage of this opportunity! I must catch up with you! Dead fly!

18. Li Bai's poems are very popular, and we admire him;, A generation of great man, founding and entrepreneurship, we worship him; But you are a madman. There is no way but to lock you up.

19. You are about to go on a long trip to other places. Sincere friends see you off. The cold wind can't stop our friendship. I hold your hand and say, 'make a good transformation and strive for commutation'!

20. I heard that your mobile phone has no SMS function, so send this SMS test. If you receive and confirm that it has SMS function and is my SMS, please reply to me: I have it, it's yours!

21. The sky outside is beautiful, the world outside is magical, and life outside is wonderful. I really don't understand why you still sit at the bottom of the well and refuse to leave for a long time. It's a pity.

22. There is a kind of missing called haunting, there is a kind of love called growing old, there is a kind of beauty called beautiful appearance, there is a kind of agreement called heaven and earth grow old, and there is a kind of greeting called Hello little pig!

23. Are you working again? I told you more than once not to work so hard and pay attention to your health. But you always say meaningfully: if you don't roll more dung balls while the weather is warm, what do I eat in winter!

24. You know, I hate two kinds of people most. First, people who are illiterate and pretend to be very smart. Second, people who are obviously smart but pretend to be very simple. Third, people who can't count.

25. One day, two friends chat while walking together to relax,! A said to B: life is really a little complicated now!? B: Yes. I miss Taiwan and don't see Taiwan coming home. I'm in a bad mood.

26. Someone saw you yesterday. You are still so charming. You walk slowly in a checked vest. You look detached and comfortable. You are really cute. I don't know how you beat rabbits in those years.

27. As the saying goes: if you are not stupid, don't be a fool. On this great day of April Fool's day, I wish you: there are no two fools in the world, and you are unparalleled in the world. When you meet a fool princess, you will be foolish all over the world!

28. I miss you very much, but I'm sorry to call you. I'm afraid you're busy, you ignore me, and you think I'm harassing. I really want to contact you, but & hellip; The phone bill is really expensive. Call me!

29. I haven't been looking for you recently. I was really frightened to hear that you were kidnapped and trafficked. Although you were demented since childhood, it was harmless to the society. Who was so bold that he dared to sell you? But then again, it's strange to sell you.

30. It's a happy thing to miss you; It's a great pleasure to see you; Love you is what I will always do; Keeping you in mind is what I have been doing; But lying to you just happened.

31. It's cold. I'll give you some warmth. Send you a fire in winter: fire; Two fires in winter: burning; Three fires in winter: Yan; Four fires in winter:?. Sample, I don't believe you can't bake well!

32. You have changed! Why? I no longer know you, now you are so strange to me. My heart hurts. You used to be so cute! But now why don't you be a tadpole or a toad!

33. Pigs and dogs are prison guards in the animal kingdom. One day, they caught an uninvited guest called SMS and imprisoned him. The next day, the jailer broke out by text message. After investigating, the dog said wrongfully: I rested yesterday. It was the pig who read the text message.

34. Good news, I finally have a little power now. I can be regarded as promising and have someone to invest in the land. I didn't say anything. Call me when you go out and I'll send a car to pick you up. The number is easy to remember. Just call 110.