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April Hello, short and beautiful sentences. Welcome to the circle of friends in April

It is said that April is the most beautiful day in the world. I believe many friends are looking forward to the arrival of April. In April, flowers were everywhere and the weather became warmer. In the new month, we can set new goals and make new plans for ourselves. Grab the tail of March now and say goodbye! So see you in March and April. What are your sentences? Take a look at these circles of friends, talk about the collection, collection and standby!

This is March when spring returns to the earth, but it is covered with a shadow by the epidemic. This March, we bear too much. Fortunately, everything is getting better, the flowers are gradually blooming, the city is back to the excitement of the past, the epidemic is about to pass, and the world is getting better. In March, I will never see you again. I hope that April is safe and the world is safe.

If one day, let your heart can no longer move you, let your anger can no longer annoy you, let your sadness can no longer make you cry, you will know what this time, this life has given you, and what you have paid for growth. See you in March and hello in April.

Endless hope, courage to move forward, unswerving perseverance ~ see you in March

Time, like a gust of wind, has blown through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Time is foaming between the fingers. The prosperity of the first world in the left hand can not reach the smoke and sand scattered in half the city in the right hand. See you in March, and it's almost good in April & hellip& hellip;

Looking forward to a better future, the haze will disperse, and we will win! in the warm spring , flowers are coming out with a rush