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Today's April Fool's Day - what does it mean to have fun without friends? The origin and meaning of

As for today's April Fool's day -- what does it mean to have no friends and no entertainment? I believe many friends are very interested in learning about this topic, because this topic is also very hot recently. Now that everyone wants to know what today's April Fool's day means to have no friends and no entertainment, Xiaobian also collected some information about today's April Fool's day -- what does it mean to have no friends and no entertainment? Let's share it with you.

April Fool's Day (April fool & lsquo; sday, April fool & rsquo; sday or all fools & lsquo; day), also known as April Fool's day and humor day, is a traditional folk festival in western society. The festival lasts on April 1 every year. April Fool's Day is similar to the fun festival in ancient Rome and the Joy Festival in India.

April Fool's Day jokes can only be played before 12 noon

From the perspective of time selection, it is related to the 'spring equinox' (March 22), because the weather often changes suddenly during this period, as if nature is fooling mankind. On this day, people make fun of the people around them in many ways.

On April Fool's day, jokes can only be played before 12 noon, which is a strict rule. The man who has fun after noon is a fool bigger than the one he makes fun of. People who joke after an hour will immediately hit a nail and find it boring. There is a little poem that describes it like this: it's past twelve o'clock on April Fool's day. You big fool came late. You will be the biggest fool on April Fool's day next year.

Why is April Fool's day called April Fool's day

There are different opinions on the origin of April Fool's day on the Internet. The reason why April Fool's Day is called April Fool's Day is that you can fool others with this festival. April Fool's day has appeared for hundreds of years. April Fool's Day is also called April Fool's day in English; sDay。 It is a Western and American folk traditional festival. The festival lasts on April 1 every year.

One view is that this custom originated from India's' interpretation of slang Festival '. The festival stipulates that on the festival day of March 31 every year, men, women, old and young can joke and fool each other in exchange for entertainment.

Another saying is that in Greek mythology, song was cheated by the king and led the Argo expedition. After they won the golden fleece, the king repented and refused to give way. So Argo heroes become the symbol of deceived fools, and April 1, where the golden wool constellation (Aries) is located, becomes Argo fool & rsquo; s day. Later, Argo's Greek April was misinterpreted as April, which became April Fool's day.