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The total number of confirmed cases in Africa exceeded 5000, and many countries entered the "city cl

The total number of confirmed cases in Africa has exceeded 5000, and many countries have entered the "city closure" time

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in more than 40 countries in Africa on March 30th, and the total number of cases was over 5000, according to the data from the African Center for Disease Control and prevention.

As the number of cases continues to increase, many African countries have taken more stringent epidemic prevention measures. Since the 30th, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other countries have successively entered the "city closure" stage. Residents are not allowed to go out except for food and medical needs.

Kenyatta, President of Kenya, was appointed to the Ministry of Finance in March 30th to set up the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. The funds came from voluntary contributions from the Treasury and senior government officials, as well as donations from all sectors of the society and international organizations to curb the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its impact.

In addition, South African President Lama Fu Sha made a televised speech on the evening of March 30th, saying that the government will send about 10 thousand medical staff to the public to conduct COVID-19 tests, and decide whether to treat them at home or to go to the hospital according to the symptoms of the diagnosis.