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What are the application conditions for Xiantao public rental in 2018

What are the application conditions for Xiantao public rental in 2018 public rental housing is a welfare policy. It is a government or public opportunity to rent affordable housing to low-income groups at a price lower than the market price. Public rental housing is a considerate welfare for people with temporary housing difficulties. So what are the application conditions for Xiantao public rental housing in 2018? Let's have a look.

What are the application conditions for Xiantao public rental in 2018

According to the measures, Xiantao's public rental housing application conditions stipulate that the public rental housing supply objects held by the institutions, social units, investment institutions and real estate development enterprises of the people's Government of the city, district and county are mainly low-income families with housing difficulties in the city. Public rental housing can be applied for if one of the following conditions is met:

(1) Low rent housing, affordable housing and limited price commodity housing (hereinafter referred to as "indemnificatory housing") wait for families.

(2) The applicant has urban household registration in this city, and the per capita housing use area of the family is less than 15 square meters (inclusive); the annual income of the family with 3 or less households is less than 100000 yuan (inclusive), and the annual income of the family with 4 or more households is less than 130000 yuan (inclusive). The municipal competent department of housing and urban rural development, together with the relevant municipal departments, dynamically adjusted the above standards in a timely manner according to the changes in the per capita disposable income level of the city.

(3) Those who come to Beijing from other provinces and cities to work continuously and stably for a certain period of time, have full civil capacity, have family income in line with the standards specified in the preceding paragraph, can provide temporary residence certificate, housing accumulation fund certificate or social insurance certificate for the same period, and have no housing in this city for themselves and their family members. The specific conditions shall be determined by the people's governments of each district and county in combination with the actual conditions of the industrial development, population, resources, environmental capacity and housing security capacity of each district and county.

The urban household registration families meeting the above application conditions for Xiantao public rental housing shall apply to the sub District Office (Township People's Government) where the applicant's household registration is located. The family members of the application for public rental housing include the applicant, spouse, minor children and adult single children. A family member with full civil capacity shall be selected as the applicant by the applying family.

Sales policy of Xiantao public rental house

According to the possibility of the state's financial and material resources, we will gradually solve the problem. At present, we must first solve the problems of private houses occupied by the public and the owners who are now living in difficulties after the original houses are occupied. In order to make a plan for housing retirement, the homeowners should first solve the housing difficulties and ease the difficulties, and implement it by stages and in batches.

1. Where units and individuals occupy private houses, they must adhere to the principle of "Whoever occupies the houses shall retire". Where the original occupying unit has exchanged with other units for use, the current occupying unit shall be responsible for the withdrawal. The remaining problems of both parties to the exchange shall be solved by both parties through consultation, without any excuse for mutual prevarication and delay. After the house is vacated, the occupier shall be responsible for necessary repairs and then return it to the owner.

2. All private houses occupied by government departments, troops and leading cadres shall be vacated before the end of this year without delay. Factories, enterprises, schools and private houses occupied by "three stations, two generations and one" shall make a check-out plan, which shall be phased out in batches and gradually vacated. Among them, the self owned houses occupied by "three highs", celebrities and overseas Chinese should be vacated and returned to the original owners before the end of this year.

3. If the original house has been rebuilt or converted into a production or business house, the current occupying unit may prepare another house to settle the owner's house. The original house shall be purchased by the current occupying unit according to the provisions of the Housing Authority (not for the implementation of the private house policy, no unit shall purchase the private house).

Where an employee occupies a private house, whether arranged by the housing management department or by the government, enterprise or institution, or occupied by himself or herself, it shall be regarded as a houseless household, and the employer or its superior competent department shall be responsible for arranging his or her house and returning the occupied house to the original owner as soon as possible.