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Guo biting is suspected to be pregnant again. She is suspected to be pregnant for four months

Guo biting is suspected to be pregnant again. She is suspected to be pregnant for four months

As the goddess of the entertainment industry, Guo biting has always been concerned by everyone. She was born with the advertisement of Yida chewing gum and married Xiangzuo last year.

After marriage, she still attracts the attention of many netizens. Now that she married to a rich family, what people pay most attention to is whether she is pregnant and when to have children? After all, Xiang Zuo once revealed in an interview that although they have a wedding at present, they have not obtained a license. It seems that they can officially become Xiang's daughter-in-law only after they have had children for Xiang's family.

For a time, netizens were in an uproar, lamenting that rich families were not so easy to marry, and looking forward to when Guo biting could have her first child.

On March 30, some netizens exposed a group of photos, which were photos of netizens traveling to Zuo Guo biting and his wife. As soon as the photos were sent out, netizens guessed whether Guo biting was pregnant.

From the photos posted by netizens, we can see that Guo biting is almost plain throughout the whole process, with a round face and loose clothes.

In the second photo, Guo biting and Xiang Zuo feel very cool in summer clothes, while Guo biting in a long green skirt can feel that her stomach has obviously bulged and her arms have meat. It really looks like she is pregnant and has been pregnant for a certain month.

A few days ago, Guo biting only sent a picture of herself looking up in the photos shared by social media, not her upper body, which is also imaginative.

In addition, on March 29, Guo biting's friend also posted a photo of shopping with Guo biting on the Internet. In the photo, Guo biting is also wearing loose clothes and blocking her stomach with her arm. It seems that she wants to make her pregnant stomach look less obvious.

But even so, some netizens said Guo biting looked pregnant and looked at least four months old.

In fact, as early as earlier this month, Xiaobian wrote an article about Guo biting's father's "calling your grandfather Guo to go home for lunch" when drying his own dishes, which seems to imply that his daughter is pregnant.

However, when replying to the comments of netizens, they denied one after another, saying that they would not say whether Guo biting was pregnant or not. It was really confusing.

Combined with the above pictures and information, it seems that Guo biting is very likely to be pregnant. If she has been pregnant for several months, it must be a while before the couple can hide it.

However, neither the family nor Guo biting Fang has admitted that Guo biting is pregnant. We'd better wait for the news and wait for the official announcement.