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How to send the copy and pictures of the circle of friends on April Fool's day? What is suitable for

How to send the copy and pictures of the circle of friends on April Fool's day what is suitable for the circle of friends on April Fool's day? Today's young people not only celebrate some traditional festivals in China, but also many festivals spread from abroad, such as Halloween, Christmas and April Fool's day. And April Fool's Day is coming soon. This day must be a very happy day, so, What is suitable for the circle of friends on April Fool's day?

1. Today, I said to the girl I like & lsquo; I love you & rsquo; But she refused, so I said & lsquo; Are you kidding? Today is April Fool's day;. When I turned around, I heard her say & lsquo; I'm kidding too & rsquo;.

2. Abandoned? Being bullied? homeless? Don't be sad, don't be discouraged, even if the whole world dislikes you, at least we: National Nutrition pig farm, your warm home.

3. After eighty-one difficulties, Tang Monk's teachers and disciples achieved positive results. Sanzang drives and Wukong sells pots. Monk Sha was a big man and became a model. The remaining pig Bajie smiled at his mobile phone. Still laughing!

4. You are very creative, you live is a kind of courage; Ugliness is not your intention, but God lost his temper. You should live well. Only you can set off the beauty of the world!

5. Listen! I'm after you! I'll recognize you! I've been looking for you! I'll definitely take advantage of this opportunity! I must catch up with you! Dead fly!

6. Test Mandarin, please read the following poem aloud: dark stone green, dark stone bamboo, dark stone through spring green, dark stone through spring bamboo.

7. Listener friends, welcome to listen to the weather forecast. From April 1, there will be thunderstorms in our city. At that time, there will be more lightning phenomena. Here we remind you to put your mobile phone on your head and put your mobile phone charger behind you for lightning protection! Never!

8. Today, when you woke up, there was a mosquito lying on your pillow with a suicide note: I struggled all night, and your thick skin made me ashamed to live in this world! Lord, forgive him! I killed myself.

9. April Fool's day brings happiness and wisdom to fools. You fools come to fool you, fools come to fool, fools go to fool out of love. April Fool's day comes. Fools rejoice, and fools are relieved by fools. April Fool's day, I wish you to be fooled every year and have 'foolishness' every year

10. The lottery won 5 million, and the business was promoted to the backbone; The house loan has been paid off. When I wake up, I become a monk. You are beautiful, but forget to tell you the most important thing is: all this can only be achieved on April Fool's Day!

11. Your crystal shoes are so beautiful. I want to invite your crystal shoes to dance. If you are free, please come! Let's jump from Valentine's day to April Fool's day, shall we? Happy April Fool's Day!

12. Dear user! Because your mobile phone looks ugly and outdated, which has seriously affected the appearance of the city and hindered the development of communication business, we decided to send a signal to destroy the mobile phone in 10 minutes! And wish you a happy holiday!

13. I am a lonely tree, standing on the roadside for thousands of years, waiting lonely, just for one day when you pass by me, I will fall for you. If you don't smash you, you will live in vain.

14. Whether you're going to be punished or punished today, I wish you a happy April Fool's Day! Only once a year, whether it is adjusted or adjusted, it is a happy moment on a plain day

15. On the day when it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, vulgar roses and disgusting love words, kneel on one knee in the crowded square and say I love you. Dear, forgive me for using the stupidest and stupidest methods. I wish you a happy holiday!

16. The animal world is wonderful. Lions roar and birds bark. Zebras and antelopes are eating grass, bears and elephants are fooling around. The rabbit bullies the little turtle and always wants to race with it. Only Wang Ba is quiet. Turn on your mobile phone and watch the excitement! Happy April Fool's Day!

17. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, you were commander-in-chief, wearing a pot cover, wearing a sack, tied a plastic bag around your waist, holding a can in your hand and stepping on two Chinese cabbage. You were so cute that you shouted: who has a broken wine bottle to sell.

18. In my eyes, you always look carefree, eat with relish, sleep with sound sleep & hellip& hellip; I envy you, alas! Sometimes it's good to be a pig like you!

19. Give me your clothes and I'll help you wash them. Give me your troubles and I'll help you solve them. You'll certainly appreciate me. Tell you not to. As long as you don't fart in the future, I'll be very grateful.

20. Your happiness, I will pay; I'll make up for your confusion; Your greed, I will meet; I'll give in to your willfulness; Who loves you most is me; Who made me a pig farmer!

21. Do you know what is the hardest thing in the world? It's not diamond or granite, but your beard, because I found that your face is so thick that it can 'break out'!

22. Man, brother, I'm married. Today, I sent a text message to inform you that I couldn't be notified on the wedding day, but the gift money can't be less. I took the bride in the once a year bar and waited for your big gift money. I'll see you and see you. Address: 1 April street, private room happy April Fool's day.

23. Hey, man, I have a way to let you live in a villa, drive a good car, have endless money, and don't have to go to work and invest in zero risk. Now I tell you this way. Don't tell others. The way is: dream! Ha ha, happy April Fool's Day!

24. Shh, tell you great news! I've hired Monkey King as your assistant, white dragon horse as your mount, monk Sha as your brother and pig Bajie as your little secret. Please ask monk Tang to help you with your business. Are you satisfied? But these are not true drops. I'll tell you the real good news: fool the whole person in the month, fool can be fooled, and happiness is the premise!

25. As soon as I entered the village yesterday, I saw a man chasing a fat pig with a wine glass. While chasing, I shouted: what do you want to run? What do you want to rely on? If you are a brother, you have to dry this glass of wine! Take a closer look, it turns out that this drunkard is you.