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Circle of friends copy for April Fool's Day humorous and funny circle of friends sentences for April

April 1 every year is April Fool's day. It is a festival in western countries, but it is also very popular in China in recent years. Because April Fool's Day is a happy day, a day for jokes and pranks, and a day for telling the truth in the form of jokes. So what are the circle of friends copy suitable for April Fool's day? This article brings you humorous and funny sentences in the circle of friends on April Fool's day.

1. I often cry foolishly, but I can't beat myself.

2. Those who love me must be rich, and those who don't love me must move bricks.

3. The first thing to wake up every day is to want to sleep.

4. My wallet is like an onion. It makes me cry every time I open it.

5. Hang out with me. If I have a bite of rice, you have a bowl brush.

6. Don't go too far to send selfie in the circle of friends. We've met before.

7. Prove in one sentence that you are still single? Let me first: the back seat of the battery car is full of dirt!

8. Old trees with withered vines and crows. I don't earn enough money to spend. I'm still alone. I'm ugly and no one is willing to be blind.

9. Three elements of success: one, persistence, two, shameless, three, persistence shameless!

10. Why do you require high pixels on your mobile phone? Don't you think you're ugly enough?

11. It doesn't matter if no one gives you a gift. You can come to me. As long as you speak, I say no.

12. There are only two ways out for fat people. Either let their body get better or let their mentality get better.

13. Don't envy others. Think about what others don't have but you have, such as ugliness.

14. People's ideas will change: in the past, I also wanted to get rich, but now I have more reality and just want to get rid of poverty.

15. I think the square dancing aunt should hold an electric mosquito racket and eliminate harm to the people while exercising.

16. Don't think I've forgotten you. At a critical time, such as today, the first thing I think of is you.

17. You look good and can be eaten for dinner. Do you understand why you are always hungry?

18. It's not shameful to sell your soul and principles. What's shameful is that you can't sell it at a good price.

19. People nearby take the initiative to add you: men, 99% sex wolves, women and 99% wechat merchants!

20. As a girl, it's not easy for me to skillfully avoid all the details that make men excited.

21. Those who spend the night are called hotels, while those who drink are called nightclubs. Is the name reversed?

22. Shanglian lives for money and dies for money! Run for money all your life! The second couplet loses money and is cheated by money! Life and death are on money! It's no good without money.

23. April Fool's Day is coming. I'll send you three fish to keep in your mobile phone. May you have a 'fool' in your wallet; Work has a 'fool'; The most important thing is to feel 'stupid' fast! Take good care of them. Happy April Fool's Day!

24. You: lovely in beauty! Smart and more character! Kindness without losing courage! There are so many advantages! Are you happy? This message was sent to me. I'll lend it to you on April Fool's Day!

25. April Fool's day, please be vigilant at all times; April Fool's day, please be careful of all unknown events; April Fool's day, remember to use your smart brain to distinguish. Otherwise, I can only bless you: Happy April Fool's Day!

26. April Fool's Day is coming. We should follow the attitude that everyone is stupid and everyone is stupid. According to the principle that if people are not stupid, they will be killed by heaven. We should keep in mind the teaching that no matter the truth or the lie, fools are good words, and carry out the cause of fool's happiness to the end.

27. Advantages of violent teeth: you can dig sweet potatoes when you go to the ground, cover your chin when it rains, separate tea residues when you drink tea, act as a knife and fork when you eat, and block it twice when you are cut. Violent teeth are excellent. Happy April Fool's Day!