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The whole process of arrest of 56 illegal immigrants

The whole process of arrest of 56 illegal immigrants

According to the report of Yunnan Xishuangbanna border management detachment on March 29, the super large case of organizing and transporting others to illegally cross the border has been successfully solved after more than one month's investigation. A total of 4 gangs of organizing and transporting others to illegally cross the border have been destroyed, 35 gang members, 56 people who illegally cross the border have been arrested, 26 people who want to illegally leave the country have been arrested, and 26 vehicles involved have been seized.

It is reported that during the Spring Festival in 2020, when analyzing the clues of border related crimes, the police of Menghai brigade of Xishuangbanna border management detachment found that many cars frequently detoured in the direction of Jinghong Menghai, the old road of national highway 214, which was suspected of closing the card. The police compared the vehicle bayonet information and confirmed that a white modern car driven by Xiong was suspected of transporting others across the border. The detachment immediately established a special task force to carry out special investigation.

On February 26, the task force obtained the information that the white modern car driven by Xiong appeared near a community in Jinghong City. After investigation, it is found that the blue Dongfeng Nissan car that appears continuously at the same time and at the same bayonet as the white Hyundai car is suspected of committing a crime together, and the driver of the car, Qin, is in close contact with Xiong. According to the analysis of the police of the task force, the two vehicles took the way of front and rear road exploration from Jinghong to Menghai along the old road of national highway 214, and it is suspected that they smuggled people out of the country. Xishuangbanna border management detachment quickly mobilized forces to form a encirclement situation and arrested the people involved. At about 22:00 on February 26, the police of the task force intercepted the White Modern sedan on Kunluo road in Menghai County, arrested Xiong who transported others across the border, and seized three people, including Liao, who wanted to smuggle out of the country. At about 23:00 on the same day, the police arrested Qin who was responsible for exploring the way.

After the police interrogated Xiong, Xiong explained that Liao and other three people were smugglers, and confessed that they were ordered by mang to transport smugglers along Xishuangbanna airport to Daluo. Xiong also explained the relevant situation of Mang and the 'release brother' of the reception personnel in Daluo. When the police of the task force interrogated Xiong, Xiong's mobile phone rang, and the caller was Fang, who was also transporting stowaways. The investigator motioned Xiong to answer the phone and told Fang that "all the way is smooth". At the same time, the police of the task force immediately checked the other party. At 0:31 on the 27th, the police arrested Fang and his accomplice Hu on the Kunluo highway in Menghai County, and seized 12 people who wanted to sneak out of the country from the car driven by the two on the spot. At 3:22 a.m. on the 27th, the ambush police arrested three gang members, including Che, a and a, who used motorcycles to transport stowaways. At 15:05 PM that day, mang was arrested in Menghai county.

After interrogation, according to the suspect's confession, both the upper and lower line contacts pointed to "brother Fang". The police immediately verified "Fangge" and determined that "Fangge" was Gao, who had a close relationship with Yan, while Yan often maintained contact with other provinces and regions such as Sichuan and Chongqing. According to the analysis and judgment of the task force, Gao is to hook up Jinghong black car drivers and some border residents, take the way of segmented transportation of cars and motorcycles, bypass the border investigation points, and specially organize and transport others to sneak across the border.

At the same time, the police of the task force deployed and controlled the Xiang a license vehicles in the clues. At 20:40 on February 28, they arrested Xiong and other four black car drivers on national highway 219, Jinghong Menghai old road. On the spot, 11 people such as Chen who wanted to sneak out of the country to engage in online gambling and telephone fraud were found in the three cars driven by Xiong and others. At about 5:00 on February 29, seven gang members including Yan who drove a motorcycle to transfer illegal immigrants were arrested somewhere on Kunluo road.

The task force also learned at work that Gao wanted to transport 29 people abroad to the agricultural tractors of Tang and Yan by contacting Tang, and waited for the opportunity to transport them to China with tractors. The police of the task force took immediate action and intercepted 29 people at a power station in Daluo town at 5:40 on the 29th. At about 12:00 on March 2, the police arrested Tang and Zhou in Daluo town. At about 1:00 on March 3, he, who transported stowaways, was arrested in Daluo town.

Although the case has been closed continuously, Gao, the principal criminal of the case, has not been arrested. A suspect is a badly frightened person. From the preliminary investigation, Gao Mou has been a key figure in the transportation of the section, and his own drug consumption requires a lot of money to buy drugs. The task force thinks that it will again organize people to commit criminal activities. Through repeated visits and Mopai, it was found that Gao often lived in his grandfather's house in addition to his fixed residence. After nearly 48 hours of continuous squatting, at about 7:00 on March 3, the police of the task force successfully arrested the principal offender Gao.

After a high court trial, Li and his mother suspected of transporting another person to steal across the border, the police of the ad hoc group on March 3rd made a criminal suspect Lee Mou and his mother arrested in a section of dal Luo town, and seized 27 people who had stolen the border crossing, Liang and Zheng, and so on. 12 people were arrested. On March 5, according to the clues obtained from the trial of Gao, the principal criminal of the case, after continuous squatting and follow-up, at about 16:00 on the same day, Tang, a gang member responsible for arranging vehicles and personnel to bypass the checkpoint after smuggling into Daluo Town, was arrested.

As the principal offender Gao was brought to justice, the context of the case became clearer. Gao truthfully confessed the criminal facts of organizing "Passepartout" and "Xiaochao" to arrange vehicles to pick up Liang and other 27 stowaways three times. The project obtained the location of "Lutong" and "Xiaochao", and determined that the two were abroad. In order to successfully arrest the two persons involved, the task force immediately reported the situation to the Public Security Bureau of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, quickly launched the China Myanmar police law enforcement cooperation mechanism, and coordinated the police bureau of the fourth special zone in the Eastern Shan state of Myanmar to assist in the arrest. On March 13, the police station of the fourth special zone in Eastern Shan state of Myanmar successfully arrested two persons involved in the case in Mengla County, Myanmar. On March 18, at Daluo port in Yunnan, China, the Myanmar police handed over two suspects involved in organizing others to illegally cross the border to the Chinese police. So far, the case of transporting others across the border, which took more than one month to investigate by the Banna border management detachment of Yunnan West bilateral, has been successfully solved.