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Who is Xiaowei? Profile of Duan Xiaowei

recently, many contestants in iqiyi's popular variety "youth with you 2" have attracted the attention of netizens one after another. In addition to their performance in the program, some contestants have been exposed to a lot of private black information. Duan Xiaowei, a contestant of "youth has you 2", was recently revealed that her ex boyfriend is Xingye because she was accused of "touching porcelain" actress Komatsu cainai. Therefore, she has attracted the attention and curiosity of many netizens. This article brings you Duan Xiaowei's profile.

Duan Xiaowei's personal data

Duan Xiaowei is a post-95 girl whose specific age has not been exposed. On her birthday on February 28, she is a Sichuan sister with a height of 168cm and a Japanese style. Therefore, she is a Japanese little sister. It is understood that Duan Xiaowei participated in the film and television work "falling in love with the Big Dipper boyfriend" before participating in "youth has you 2", and played Wang Xiaoming and Chi Jia as lovers in the play.

Comparison between Duan Xiaowei and Komatsu cainai

Duan Xiaowei also has another identity as a model. Therefore, Duan Xiaowei has been a model in photography in cadolia since 2016. She has taken many photo albums, which are very good-looking. At that time, it was noticed that Duan Xiaowei hit many people in the face, such as baby, Komatsu cainai, Rainie Yang, etc. on February 3, it was because the photos exposed by Duan Xiaowei were picked up, He was accused of using Komatsu cainai's photos as his own photos and was scolded.

Later, some fans clarified that Duan Xiaowei was also a star chasing girl, just for fun. Duan Xiaowei herself did not respond to the photo of pengporcelain Komatsu cainai. From the comparison of Duan Xiaowei's and Komatsu cainai's photos, they do have some similarities, but they are actually easy to distinguish. Duan Xiaowei is still very recognizable. She is a lovely little Japanese sister. Look forward to the performance of cute film and television artist Duan Xiaowei.