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How to blow the fan correctly in hot summer

in hot summer, do many people like to blow into the air conditioner and fan after sweating? How is it that blowing the electric fan can cause facial paralysis? In the hot summer, many people are used to blowing air to the electric fan and air conditioner all night, but they don't know that they will suffer from upper paralysis if they are so greedy for cool. How to blow to just won't face paralysis? When sleeping later, want to be careful!

A few days ago, Jiajia, a 10-year-old girl in Ningbo, woke up to find that her left eye couldn't be closed, her mouth was crooked and uncontrollable, and her saliva flowed out. Parents saw this and worried about it. They rushed their children to Ningbo Lihuili East Hospital for pediatrics treatment. After examination, Jiajia was diagnosed with upper paralysis.

In addition, if you blow directly at the air-conditioning fan, you are prone to face paralysis. Because the internal environment of human body is prone to disorder when it is too hot, gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, digestion and absorption function is reduced, sleep quality is poor, the body's resistance will decline to a certain extent, and it is already vulnerable to the invasion of virus. On the other hand, the human body perspires a lot, the pores of the whole body are in an open state, and the microcirculation on the body surface is easy to receive cold stimulation. When blowing directly into the air conditioner and electric fan, the facial blood vessels and nerves are easily paralyzed due to cold stimulation, resulting in blood circulation disorder of facial nerve, edema of facial nerve and nerve conduction block, resulting in facial paralysis.

Methods and measures to avoid: as long as you don't feel too hot to bear, there is no need to blow against the air conditioner and electric fan. A blanket should also be prepared in the air-conditioned room. At night, you should wrap around your abdomen and joints. If you feel cold, you don't need to keep on air conditioning. Just turn on the electric fan. It's better to use a micro fan or a shaker fan. When you sleep, don't face your face and joints. Take it far away and feel a little wind. In a word, don't be greedy for cold, keep warm properly, so as to avoid future troubles.