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Which ocean is the most abundant in marine biological resources? Answer analysis of ant manor small

The question in today's small class of ant manor is: which ocean is the most abundant in marine biological resources? Do you know what the correct answer is? The small editor of this article brings you the answer of ant manor small class on March 29. If you answer correctly, you can get 180g chicken feed. Come and answer the question quickly.

Ant manor small class answer on March 29

Today's question is: which ocean is the richest in marine biological resources?

The answer is: the Pacific Ocean

Answer analysis:

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest ocean in the world with the most marginal seas and islands. The animals and plants growing in the Pacific, whether phytoplankton or seafloor plants, as well as fish and other animals, are more abundant than other oceans.

It is located between Asia, Oceania, Antarctica and North and South America. The longest from north to south is about 15900 kilometers, the widest from east to west is about 19000 kilometers, with a total area of 181344000 square kilometers, an average depth of 3957 meters and a maximum depth of 11034 meters.