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2018 to chicken skin products list for the chicken skin crowd, it's very troublesome in summer. The red spots on the body affect the beauty. Chicken skin is not able to cure, hereditary, but can be diluted. Next, let's take a look at the ranking of skin products of Quji, hoping to help you.

List of skin products for chickens

No matter if you have chicken skin or not, you should exfoliate your skin regularly! The metabolic cycle is generally about 28 days ~ it is recommended to use the frosted products 2-3 times a week. Don't be greedy, but it will damage the skin barrier!

Section 1: momentz magic sand

Super super fire light bulb in little red book! So called bathroom beauty machine!

Skincare products that can also be used for oil skin care

Super cute look! See everybody say the effect is very good, can't help but start to try immediately, just met their family to come out new style!

Super energy little sun CP! Travel clothes is a small bag of travel clothes that can be carried with you. It doesn't occupy any space at all! A bag of 10 bags, a bag just one time quantity ~ very intimate!

No need to go to the beauty salon. You can make yourself a 2-minute spa when you go out at home~

Usage: face and body can use this point is not every scrub can!

Face: it is recommended to use it once a month in combination with deep cleaning. Make sure to apply moisturizing facial mask after use! Use less~

Whole body: 2-3 times a week

There are two kinds of flavor ~ Rose Magic sand has the pre blending of coffee and the light post blending of rose, which can remove the horniness and replenish the water deeply and nourish the skin for a long time. A girl must have!

Coffee rose is enough for daily cleaning waste horniness! The grain texture of sand is very good, and there are rose petals ~ there is no foam when encountering water, although it is big, it will not hurt when rubbing on the body! Can effectively light pigment, for the effect of chicken skin is also very good!

It's very delicious ~ it's smooth after use! It's not fake smooth ~ the skin won't feel dry. Just apply a moisturizing skin care cream to OK!

Section 2: Fan Bingbing's same ohbody Scrub

I bought this one before she recommended it! When bathing, apply it on the body for a few minutes of massage, then wait for another 5 minutes or so to wash. (it is recommended to use it with bath gel, so that the scrub can stay on the body better.)

Use up can be said to be invincible slippery! Slippery! Slippery! It is said that this kind of frosting cream is called, after using it, my boyfriend wants to have a series with you! The pro test is effective! And the outer packaging of the frosting cream is also very atmospheric, and its coffee taste is really good! It's coffee beans! The body is fragrant after use!

It is recommended to use the sanding cream 1-3 times a week. It is not recommended to use it every day.

My source of purchase is: Australian official website. I suggest that you look for reliable agents, because the official website needs to pay for postage, which is not cost-effective. At that time, I had two parcels. Because my friend was in New Zealand, they were sent to her place and directly to China. The postage was not clear. Now ice recommended, is not it also increased the price?

In addition, this cream for different skin needs of people prepared a different cream. There are introductions on some treasure. (I use honey, because my legs are rough, I have chicken skin, and I'm tanned in summer, so I choose honey, and honey is the most popular, and the price is more expensive than others.)

Section 3: baojimi grinding cream

A niche brand in Korea! I'll send it again when I'm asked about it last time~

Frosting particles are not particularly coarse. They contain walnut shell powder and other natural plants, which can exfoliate and moisturize the skin at the same time! Long term use can regenerate skin, and regular use will become more delicate and smooth~

After getting wet, it's not dry rub! I mainly use it on my legs and stomach, as well as knees and elbows where melanin is easy to deposit. Massage for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off.

Section 4: soap glossary Scrub

British brand ~ it was planted by sweet potatoes before! I've been using a big pot for a long time! Belongs to the British Open Shelf goods, cabbage price ~ tens of dollars, cost-effective! This has a full set of body care series ~ powder packaging is very girl's heart.

Mildly remove dead skin and lip scrub. Recommend skin care in autumn and winter. It's a skin care product that must be cut off in summer vacation

The usage is the same as above, this kind of abrasive grain is coarse but the effect is obvious! Remember not to use too much at once! There will be a drop of pain if you use it hard. It contains essential oil. After use, the skin will be smooth and fragrant~

Taste is very European and American essential oil taste, more heavy! But I think it smells good. It's not long~


Section 5: appropriate herbal Exfoliating Gel

This one is really very, very niche! ~No one is really using it around me. It's really good to use it!

This is the second one! Super easy to use Chinese skin care products

This is not a exfoliating product, very gentle! I'm used to exfoliate my face. There's a little chicken skin here.

Do not use water directly in the need to exfoliate the extrusion circle massage, there will be white crumbs ~ wash off after not tight! National conscience.

Section 5: brown sugar exfoliation of mi'ao Ramen

She has used her home's water emulsion (with Po lessons), this main ingredient is yellow sugar, which can gently exfoliate without damaging the cuticle, and the texture is mild gel gel gel without abrasive particles. Men's cleansing

Yellow sugar series is really recommended! It's for sensitive baby~

It's very good to push away ~ wet the face with water and massage it gently in circles. You can find some white particles, namely dead skin dirt and some old waste horniness. Usually the forehead that washes a face to be easy to neglect still has mandible angle place, two sides of nose wing point massage ~ wash off with clear water finally~

Wash my face well, I really do! After the exfoliation, the skin is obviously bright for a degree, and there is no redness. The face feels smooth and tight.

After use, it is recommended not to use whitening products on the face that night, because most whitening skin care products contain alcohol, which will be very irritating. Just apply a moisturizing mask.

Notes on removing chicken skin mild exfoliation

Because 'chicken skin' has something to do with cutin thickening, gentle exfoliation is necessary, but it must not be excessive.

Moistening is the most important

Super Moisturizing Body Milk Whitening Body milk collection fresh and non greasy body milk

Exfoliation is just a means, moisturizing the skin is the most important~

'chicken skin' is a kind of skin which is very short of water and oil. You must use the body milk with strong moisturizing power and repairing effect!

Another key point is that the bath water temperature must be kept at about 40 ℃. In winter, many people like to use hot water, which is comfortable enough. But hot water is easy to 'degrease', and it will also wash away too much oil from the skin. When the body leaves the hot water, the water on the surface of the skin will evaporate immediately, at the same time, it will take away the water from the skin. It's all about chicken skin.

More haste, less speed.

Chicken skin will want to get rid of it quickly, but squeezing, grasping and picking by hand will make the tissue around the pores dropsy, so that the pore opening becomes smaller, more easily blocked, acne and folliculitis will be produced; if scratching, inflammation and pigment deposition will be caused. So don't scratch or scratch.

If it is often handled in this way, the barrier function of the skin will become weaker, making the skin drier and more sensitive.