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What's the relationship between small CK and big CK? Is small CK a luxury product

What's the relationship between small CK and big CK? Is small CK a luxury product friends who often buy luxury or light luxury goods should be familiar with CK. For many ordinary users, they don't know what grade CK is, let alone the difference between small and big. Let's take a look.

Is xiaock a luxury brand

Does not belong to.

The price of small CK is generally not expensive. It's basically within 500 yuan. It's a good design, but the quality of the product is still a little bit poor. Generally speaking, it's still a low-end brand.

What does little CK have to do with CK

Big CK -- Calvin Klein, small CK -- Charles Keith, big CK is much more expensive.

CK (Calvin Klein collection -- high fashion brand), small CK (Calvin Klein Jeans -- cowboy, leisure), small ones generally have the words of jeans, which is also CKJ in time.

Charles Keith, the Singapore brand, is commonly known as "little CK". Charles Keith was founded in Singapore in 1996 by Charles Wong and Keith Wong brothers. The brand's products include shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses, bracelets and other fashion accessories. As of 2014, the group has set up 450 stores in the gold business circles of major cities in 36 countries.

It's a good distinction. Small CK refers to Charles Keith, which is established in Singapore and focuses on the development of Asia. Its main brands are women's shoes, bags, handbags, etc., while big CK is American fashion brand Calvin Klein, international fashion brand, which is relatively high-end and more expensive. The average price of xiaock's shoes is about 250-500, so is the bag. The price of common people's shoes is the middle quality. Big CK's business scope ranges from underwear and jeans to international fashion, and its quality ranges from middle-end minority to high-end, and its price is also in the range of several hundred to ten thousand yuan. Generally speaking, small CK is similar to mango, MiuMiu and other clothing brands. Big CK's high-end fashion series is the same as Prada, Armani and other fashion brands.