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How about the effect of sunscreen

Ann has a good reputation for sun protection. That summer has arrived. Sun protection is essential. An sun proof and hot, an sun proof powder gold bottle and gold bottle are selling very well, so what's the difference between these two? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

Is the sun proof gold bottle easy to use

It is specially designed for sensitive muscles, so it not only uses stable and mild combination in the selection of sunscreen, but also contains alcohol, mineral oil, pigment and fragrance, benzoate preservative, as well as some anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Generally speaking, this is not only suitable for sensitive muscles, but also for some people who want to control skin inflammation to use high-power waterproof sunscreen. There is no doubt about the protection of ordinary gold bottles, but on the issue of inflammation control, at least my own use is more prone to acne and other skin inflammation reaction problems.

White emulsion texture, not as thin as gold bottle liquidity

Push aside the skin which is very smooth. It's between gold and silver bottles. I'm oily skin. I don't think it's very greasy. The film formation is not fast. After the silicone oil volatilizes, the moisture will be reduced a little. The skin will be soft and touch, and the existence is not high. (if you like the oil skin which is very dry and sun proof, the new gold bottles are not greasy, then you should never buy it.)

The whitening situation is similar to that of the gold bottle. It has a white feeling of lightening, but not a dead white and soft scorching effect. After use, the pores are decorated. After 7 or 8 hours a day, there is no feeling of special dryness and tightness in the follow-up of the gold bottle. It is not particularly difficult to clean it up. When the cleaning strength is not enough, I use the second time to clean the face. I use the Barney Rand makeup remover to clean it, and then use warm water to clean it Wash the face, pay attention to repair after sunburn, to a moisturizing effect of the mask.

At present, this sunscreen is more suitable for my daily use than ordinary gold bottles. This sunscreen is more gentle all day long and friendly to all skin types.

The difference between gold and gold

First of all, let's talk about my skin. It's dry in winter and oily in summer. I put in the sun proof gold bottle last year. The pink gold bottle was brought back to Japan two days before I was young. Originally I wanted to buy a gold bottle, but it was out of stock, so I bought a pink gold bottle. Let's talk about the feeling after use.

I think the gold bottle is drier than the pink one. After using the gold bottle, it is pure matte, but the powder gold bottle seems to be a little moister than the gold bottle.

The taste of pink and gold bottles is better than that of gold bottles. Pink and gold bottles are a little softer.

After using, it doesn't have pimples. The powder gold is a little white. For me, the gold bottle will buy back in summer. Mainly refreshing.