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Spain has a serious epidemic. Madrid's Ice Palace has been transformed into a morgue and a crematori

The Spanish epidemic is not optimistic, the death toll is shocking, the crematorium is too late to burn bodies, and the morgue is full. The mayor of Madrid ordered the requisition of the Madrid Ice Palace (International Olympic ice hockey stadium) as a morgue. The first batch of bodies have entered the ice court for cremation, Spanish television 5 reported on the 24th.

Ice Palace in Madrid, source: mirror, UK

It is reported that the ice palace has a large area and should have no problem holding thousands of bodies. This is really helpless. The government and citizens can only bear the pain to use the ice palace as a morgue. The Barcelona government also ordered to stop all international expositions before May, requisition the International Expo site and rebuild the 'shelter hospital', which is expected to be completed within a week.

According to the Spanish newspaper 20 minutes, in order to save limited resources for young patients who contribute to the society, Spanish doctors have received orders that critically ill patients over the age of 60 cannot enter the ICU ward in principle. Because the hospital can't spare manpower to deal with patients in time, online photos and videos show that patients lie in the corridor in Spanish hospitals, and some have even died. The elderly are the biggest victims of the epidemic, and the situation in the sanatorium is not optimistic. The army has sent troops to assist the sanatorium.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Spain have been confirmed in nearly 7000 hours in the past 24 hours, according to BNO news from Holland media, with 680 new deaths. As of that time, the total number of confirmed cases in Spain had increased to 42058 and the total number of deaths had reached 2991.

According to BNO news on the 23rd, 5560 new cases of new coronary pneumonia and 651 new deaths were confirmed in Italy on the 22nd.