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Why did Yang Yang change his microblog name? What did Yang Yang change his microblog name to

Why did Yang Yang change his microblog name? What did Yang Yang change his microblog name to Recently, the name change of Yang Yang's microblog, a well-known "little fresh meat" in China, caused a heated discussion. Many netizens wondered why Yang Yang suddenly changed his name? What did the name of Yang Yang's microblog change to. Let's have a look.

Many netizens found that Yang Yang's Micro blog changed its name in the morning, from the original "Yang Yang icon" to "Yang Yang". The name of the micro blog is more concise and clear than the original name. The original "icon" behind Yang Yang Yang's name is the meaning of idols and objects of worship.

Before the name change, if fans want to go to Weibo to find Yang Yang, there may be n Yang Yang, because Yang Yang is a name that is easy to be renamed. Not only many famous people, but also singers and actors in the entertainment industry are called Yang Yang. After the name change, we won't get confused.

In Yang Yang's Weibo comments, fans also said that changing his name is a new start. In the future, cheer up together. However, those netizens who don't know Yang Yang's changing his name may be Aite wrong. Although Yang Yang's Weibo name has removed the "icon", his hard work and inspirational image have always been the "icon" in our mind.

With the name change of Yang Yang's Micro blog, many fans said that their micro blog would also change its name, because many fans' micro blog name format is' what's Yang Yang's icon ', but some naughty fans said that her micro blog name added' icon '.

Yang Yang, who became popular with the hit TV series "a little smile makes a city fall", met with cyber violence a few days ago. However, careful netizens also seem to see some clues. In the handwriting of Yang Yang's encounter with internet violence, almost every sentence is inseparable from the TV drama "Full-time Master", then according to these words, the author also saw some clues.

There are only two points. The first one is that Yang Yang's fans have been famous for internet violence for so many years. The second one is that "full time expert" has been procrastinating. In order to shirk the responsibility and let the public opinion target Yang Yang Yang, what is it? Let's see what netizens say.

It is understood that the book fans of "full time master" are dissatisfied with Yang Yang's performance in the TV series of the same name, and they have made an extreme move. Yang Yang's agent also angrily hates these people on Weibo for this matter, and many netizens can't watch it anymore.

Reprimand these people to do too much, you don't like other people's TV play you can choose not to watch, "full time master" crew also voice condemnation, netizens for "full time master" Yang Yang Yang's performance is still full of expectation, hope that those people's extreme behavior don't affect Yang Yang Yang's mood.

Yang Yang's growth in recent years is very fast. He was born in 1991. In fact, he had already appeared in 2007 and participated in a remake of a dream of Red Mansions. However, after his seemingly ordinary debut, he had a rapid process. In the 11 years since then, he has shot 10 works that are familiar to people, such as notes on tomb robbing, left ear and a smile that makes the city fall "Sanshengshi that is ten li peach blossom" and so on, all of them have high ratings, which also makes his popularity grow rapidly.

However, I don't know if you have found out that in the past 17 years, Yang Yang's news is so rare that many people feel that he has disappeared. As for Yang Yang's peak period of career, whether you admit it or not, it should be in 2015 and 2016 that he was in a mess.

Searching for Yang Yang's news on the Internet seems to be more about him and Zheng Shuang. The original micro is still spreading, and it seems that Yang Yang's popularity is up to Zheng Shuang. Looking at the news of Yang Yang in the last month, his micro blog is not only an advertisement, but also an advertisement. He can't see the bustling scene of last year. Yang Yang has disappeared in the entertainment circle.

It turns out that Yang Yang's whole energy has been put into 18 years. This year, Yang Yang has a lot of new dramas, such as "Wu Dong Qian Kun" and "full time expert", which are going to meet you soon. So do you expect?