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What's the matter with pretending to be a post-90s cheat 6 million yuan?

Sihainet: everyone knows that online love has risks! But is love in real life reliable? It turns out that there is no small chance of "cheating" in love. Recently, Li Xiaoqing (pseudonym) of Pingshan, Shenzhen, faced the young and beautiful girl like this. He lost all vigilance and was cheated for 6 million yuan. Recently, Pingshan police station of Pingshan Public Security Bureau has cracked this huge fraud case.

What's the matter with pretending to be a post-90s cheat 6 million yuan?

My younger brother was bewildered by "true love" and cheated of 6 million yuan

On March 22, 2018, Li Daqing came to Pingshan police station to call the police, claiming that his brother Li Xiaoqing, who was born in 1988, and Wang Sanjie, who was born in 1990 in Longgang foot bath center, had become boyfriend and girlfriend. Why does brother come to report the case when he is in love?

It turned out that Li Daqing found a lot of money in the family business was gone. After inquiring Li Xiaoqing, the younger brother in charge of the accounts, it was found that his girlfriend lied to let Li Xiaoqing transfer money one after another on the basis of high return on investment. Later, she even moved out the reasons for 'hospital rescue of mother's cerebral hemorrhage' and the detention of family gambling in Macao.

Li Xiaoqing believes it every time. From 2016 to the end of 2017, he has transferred more than 150 times to Wang Sanjie, with a total amount of more than 7 million yuan.

According to Li Xiaoqing, Wang Sanjie occasionally transfers money to her in the name of "dividend", but there is still more than 6 million difference. Li Daqing thinks more and more that Li Xiaoqing has met a liar, but Li Xiaoqing firmly believes that he should pay for love. Even if the money really doesn't come back, he is not the third sister Wang.

Seeing that Li Xiaoqing was deeply in love and couldn't extricate himself, Li Daqing, who was worried about the growing hole, chose to report the case.

Two faces before and after makeup

Through obtaining relevant transaction records and account opening information, the police quickly determined that Wang Sanjie was suspected of committing a major crime. But when the police gave the picture on Wang Sanjie's ID card to Li Daqing's family who had seen the man many times, no one dared to know him.

Li Daqing said that every time she saw them, Wang Sanjie was heavily makeup, which was quite different from the appearance of the middle-aged woman on her ID card.

At the same time, the police also found that the photo of Wang Sanjie's certificate and the photo of Wang Sanjie in the circle of friends provided by Li Daqing were quite different.