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When does Coca Cola alcoholic drink come on the market

When does Coca Cola alcoholic drink come on the market I believe that many people drink coca cola drinks, but most of our daily drinks are carbonated drinks. Then you have drunk Coca Cola alcoholic drinks. Recently, it is reported that Coca Cola company will launch alcoholic drinks. When will Coca Cola alcoholic drinks go on the market? Let's have a look.

With the development of society, more and more traditional things have been innovated, mobile phones have become more and more intelligent, computers have become more and more humanized, making our work and life more convenient. In addition to electronic products, as an international soda factory, Coca Cola company has also changed according to the needs of users. Recently, news came out that in order to meet the needs of Japan Users are very fond of the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. Coca Cola brand has launched a new "Chu Hi" alcoholic coca cola drink.

According to Japanese media reports, Coca Cola has launched a new beverage in Japan, which is mainly made of Japanese "Shaojiu" and soda water, while "Chu Hi" is their small-scale experiment on a specific part of a specific market. In experience, the new beverage tastes sour and refreshing, just like coke with alcohol.

With the landing of 'Chu hi', it is believed that the joke of drinking Coke will also become a reality in the future. The same is true in the technology industry. We can see that many manufacturers have started to launch products according to user needs, not to educate users. What do you think about Coca Cola's new beverage in Japan?

For Coca Cola, this decision is undoubtedly a very bold and innovative project. Many netizens question whether Coca Cola is really doing well. But many netizens agree with Coca Cola's project and will wait and see.