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Is Li Ao brain tumor benign or malignant? How high is the cure rate and mortality of brain tumor in

Li Ao, a famous writer in Taiwan, is now over 80 years old. In recent years, his health status has frequently turned on red lights, and he has been suffering from brain tumors. Li Ao recently published an article claiming that he has only 3 years left. As the first person in Chinese vernacular, Li Ao's poisonous tongue is also very famous. Xiao Bian or I'm sorry that such a large body has such a situation. So is Li Ao's brain tumor benign or malignant? How high is the cure rate of brain tumor?

Li Ao announced the opening of a new program "goodbye to Li Ao" to bid farewell to the world. Li Ao's agent made his letter more public, revealing that he wanted to finish the "complete works of Li Ao" in the rest of his life, and also wanted to say goodbye to his family, friends and enemies. He also wanted to let the audience witness his end of life through this program.

The tumors growing in the brain are generally called brain tumors, including primary brain tumors arising from brain parenchyma and secondary brain tumors transferred from other parts of the body to the brain. According to its biological characteristics, primary brain tumors are divided into benign and malignant. The benign brain tumor grows slowly, the capsule is relatively complete, does not infiltrate the surrounding tissue and the differentiation is good; the malignant brain tumor grows faster, does not have the capsule, the boundary is not obvious, presents the infiltrative growth, the differentiation is bad. Whether benign or malignant, it can squeeze and push normal brain tissue, resulting in increased intracranial pressure, threatening human life.

Among the general malignant tumors, malignant brain tumors account for about 1.5%, ranking the 11th place, after stomach, lung, liver, esophagus, breast, rectum, colon, pancreas, bladder and nasopharynx cancers. Male is slightly more than female, the sex ratio is about 1.12-1.52:1. The sex ratio of each type of brain tumor is not the same, with the trend of increasing with age. It can occur at any age, but it is less in infants under 2 years old and in the elderly over 60 years old. In children, brain tumors account for a large proportion, about 7% of total tumors, accounting for 20% of all brain tumors.

The annual incidence of brain tumors is about 7 / 100000, accounting for 2% of total tumors. The mortality rate was the first among children under 12 years old and the tenth among adults.