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2016 top ten charity hot events: rolle event: is it a controversial donation fraud?

today, Beijing released a report to select the top ten charity hot events in 2016, among which the "rolle event" was selected and caused controversy, and the "rolle event" tortured the gray area of individual help seeking and the public's sense of rational donation. Do you pay attention to the turbulent Rolle event?

On the morning of the 14th, the social policy research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the social sciences literature press jointly released the blue book of charity: China charity development report (2017) in Beijing. Blue book points out that 2016 is an important turning point in the history of China's charity, and also a year when the state and society work together more closely to promote the development of charity.

As of the end of December 2016, there were 699000 social organizations in the country, according to the report. Among them, there are 335000 social organizations, 5523 foundations and 359000 private non enterprise units. According to the real-time observation statistics of the Foundation Center network, as of December 31, 2016, the total number of foundations nationwide reached 5545, an increase of 674 over 2015, with an annual growth rate of 13.84%.

The report also published the top ten charity hot events in 2016. The reporter noted that the "rolle event" which attracted public attention last year was also selected into the top ten hot events.

Last November 27th, "Roy laugh, you stop me" and other articles sparked a frenzy of frenzy in the circle of friends. Rolle, the father of the leukemia girl, smiled and praised the function of the WeChat public number, selling the text to save the girl. His original article was promoted by a friend's company, and he received more than 260 yuan in just a few days.

Since then, hospitals, media, netizens and other 'insiders' have released information accusing the petitioners of exaggerating the facts and accusing the petitioners of consuming public sympathy. After the intervention of charity supervision department and fund-raising platform, Roer returned the Appreciation Fund.

According to the report, "rolle incident" tortured the gray area of individual help seeking and the public's sense of rational donation. This incident triggered debates on whether "wechat reward is charity collection", "how to supervise individual Internet help seeking behavior", "who has the qualification of individual help seeking". The public welfare industry is also reflecting on how to improve the ability to respond to social needs, how to standardize management, how to enhance the trust of donors, and how to promote charity raising The orderly development of donation to protect public charity enthusiasm and other common problems.

In addition to the "Roer event", the top ten charity hot events in 2016 included the promulgation and implementation of the charity law, the management of non-governmental organizations' activities in China has entered the era of rule of law, the new tax policy of public equity donation is expected to give birth to large donations, the online donation has become a charity gold mine, the first charity organization single trustee charity trust, and the annual inspection of 12 registered foundations of the Ministry of civil affairs To be unqualified, Chinese social organizations actively participate in global governance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs designated 13 charity information platforms, and the State Council issued a document to guide social care and protection of rural left behind children.