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Dad buys poppies to refresh his kids. No culture. Terrible. Ignorant dad

It's terrible to have no culture. Have you ever heard of poppy as a refresher? It's about to usher in the middle school entrance examination, so for parents, is it very painful for children who are facing the pressure of academic qualifications? But don't go astray! Looking at the pressure of high school entrance examination, the father was very distressed. It's said that poppy can bring up the spirit. The father actually bought a bag to refresh the child. Fortunately, the police of the eight teams of Nanjing traffic police high speed found out in time in the process of vehicle inspection, which did not cause irreparable consequences.

Only saw the driver a very anxious appearance, handed his ID card to the police, again stressed that let the police quickly check, he has an urgent matter. When the police said to check the vehicle, the man appeared flustered and uneasy, looking for various reasons to prevaricate and block. Soon, after checking the vehicles, the police found a plastic bag of poppies. Seeing this, the man finally bowed his head to admit his mistake and told the truth.

The man said that his son took the mid-term exam this year, and the recent exam is near. Due to the pressure of review, the child looks listless, sleepy and sleepy, and the father looks in the eyes and hurts in the heart. I heard that poppy can make people excited, so he wanted to remind his children to buy some food, but when he got something, he was caught by the traffic police.

Here, Nanjing traffic police remind the general public that the right way to relieve the pressure is not to 'drink poison to quench thirst'. At present, the driver has been transferred to the local police station for further treatment due to his suspected illegal possession of opium poppy.

Selling poppy shells suspected of drug trafficking

According to the relevant judicial interpretation, Whoever illegally trades in opium poppy shells of more than 50 kg shall be punished as the crime of smuggling, trafficking, transporting and manufacturing drugs. Whoever illegally transports, trades in, stores or uses a small amount of opium poppy shells shall be subject to administrative detention or fine in accordance with the law on penalties for public security administration.

Police from the drug control branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau told reporters that poppy shells are toxic and harmful non food raw materials banned by the State Council. Illegal sales of more than a certain amount violate the provisions of article 347 of the criminal law on the crime of drug trafficking. 'the processing and operation of poppy shells should strictly comply with the measures for the administration of narcotic drugs. If it is medical, it should also be purchased at the designated pharmacy with the prescription of a doctor. '

According to Liu Jun, a professor of criminal law at Shandong University, there is a market only when there is demand. 'it's illegal to sell poppy shell and shell powder. The restaurant knows it's poppy shell powder, but it also buys fresh and attracts repeat customers. It's also suspected of selling poisonous and harmful food. Only by increasing the illegal cost of food safety crime can we prevent the phenomenon of poppy shell powder selling on the Internet. '