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Can I have a refund if I miss the train? If you miss the train, you can't refund it, you can change

For various reasons, we can't catch up with the train. What should we do if the train leaves? Can I have a refund? What should I do? Let's see with Xiaobian.

Is there any refund after the train leaves

In general, when the train leaves, the ticket cannot be refunded, but can only be changed.

Train ticket refund is handled before departure. Under special circumstances, with the consent of the station master, it can also be handled within 2 hours after departure. Group passengers must go through the formalities 48 hours before driving. If the passenger fails to catch the EMU train, he / she can change to another train number of the day within 2 hours after driving. If there is no train number that can be changed on the day, the ticket will be invalid, and the ticket that can be changed after driving cannot be returned.

If the train ticket purchased online has not yet been exchanged for paper ticket, and 2 hours before departure, the refund formalities can be directly handled online. If the paper tickets have been exchanged or the driving time is less than 2 hours, or the paper tickets purchased at the station or selling place, the refund shall be handled at the railway station before driving. The agency can't go through the refund formalities.