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Why is Alipay punished by 180000 yuan? Is Alipay illegal

On the afternoon of April 8, it was disclosed by Hangzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China that Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 180000 yuan for several violations.

Alipay said:

In the second half of 2017, we found some problems while accepting the inspection of Hangzhou Central Branch of the people's Bank of China.

We started the improvement plan one by one at the first time. At present, all improvement measures have been implemented and recognized by the regulatory authorities.

Thanks to the guidance and help of the regulatory authorities, we will be more strict with ourselves in the future work.

It is understood that Alipay's violations are specifically in three aspects.

First, the rights and interests of customers:

(1) The protection of financial consumers' right to know is inadequate;

(2) The protection of consumers' right of independent choice is insufficient.

The second is product publicity.

(1) Carry out misleading publicity in video publicity;

(2) Carry out misleading propaganda in Alipay's official microblog;

(3) The calculation of the proportion of complaints handled is not true, which leads to the discrepancy between the data published to the public and the actual situation.

In addition, personal information protection:

(1) Personal financial information collection does not conform to the minimum and necessary principles;

(2) Improper use of personal financial information.

Hangzhou central sub branch of the people's Bank of China will impose a fine of 30000 yuan on non-financial institutions in accordance with the administrative measures for payment services; in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, it will respectively give a warning and impose a fine of 100000 yuan and 50000 yuan on product publicity and personal information protection. The total fine is 180000 yuan.