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What's the matter with the house being emptied

What's the matter with the house being emptied

Sihaiwang: Recently, Ms. Zheng lives in building 3, Fudi East Lake International Phase 5. On April 4, on the eve of the Qingming small long holiday, she and her husband left Wuhan with the elderly and children, and drove to Shanghai for fun. They had planned to have a happy holiday. But at noon the day after they arrived in Shanghai, she received a phone call from the police, saying that everything in her Wuhan home had been moved out. Ms. Zheng said that when she heard the news, she and her family were no longer interested in playing and drove back to Wuhan overnight. On the morning of April 6, when she and her family returned to the community, they were shocked. The wardrobe, bed, piano, home appliances and so on were all moved out of the 37th floor of the house and stacked on the overhead floor.

Ms. Zheng hurriedly went upstairs and found that the door lock at home had been replaced and could not be opened. She knocked at the door many times and no one answered.

Later, in the witness of the police, Ms. Zheng asked someone to pry the door open. The room was empty. There was only a sofa left in the living room. Three strange men sat inside, claiming to be new tenants. After more than three hours of standoff, three strange men left. Ms. Zheng asked for the door lock to be reinstalled, which was to take back her new home. In the evening, we can only lay quilts on the floor of the room. 'Ms. Zheng said that her mother-in-law's jewelry and cash in the wardrobe could not be found.

Ms. Zheng said that she bought a second-hand roughcast house, which was hired by Lin, the son-in-law of the original owner. She said that in January 2016, she purchased the 155 square meter second-hand rough housing through an intermediary and signed an intermediary sales contract with the owner. 'the owner of the house is a woman, also named Zheng, but it is all handled by her son-in-law Lin. 'Ms. Zheng said that because the property right certificate could not be handled in this apartment at that time, the ownership could not be transferred, but the intermediary said that the certificate could be handled in four or five months. As a result, Ms. Zheng and her husband paid a down payment of 1.2 million yuan. According to the contract, they are going to wait for the house to be transferred, then handle the mortgage loan, and pay the remaining 2 million yuan. Ms. Zheng said that she and her family would soon renovate and move into the new house. To her surprise, because the building where the house is located has a problem of illegal construction, the original owner can not apply for the property right certificate, which leads to the transfer can not be completed.

Ms. Zheng said that she failed to pay the balance of 2 million yuan because she was unable to transfer the ownership and handle the mortgage loan. In November last year, Lin came to her, and Ms. Zheng was willing to negotiate a settlement, but she was worried that the transfer of the house would not be possible. In December, she met with Mr. Lin and the agency. Ms. Zheng said that she would like to raise funds to pay the balance of 2 million yuan, but Mr. Lin did not want to raise the price by 1 million yuan. 'the price of all the contracts signed before has been fixed. How can we raise the price? 'Ms. Zheng said that if the house could be transferred, she would have applied for the loan to pay the balance, and Lin raised the price, which she could not accept. After that, Ms. Zheng said, Lin once went to the power supply company to cut off her home's electricity. Before the Spring Festival, Lin still came to her in the middle of the night. 'the house can't be transferred. I'm willing to pay 2 million yuan first, but he doesn't want to. Ms. Zheng said that for this reason, she had filed a lawsuit with the court and asked to pay the remaining 2 million yuan in accordance with the contract. But she didn't expect her belongings to be emptied just when she was on holiday with her family. She checked the monitoring and found that the people who moved things came into her house on the evening of the 4th, and they were moving downstairs on the morning of the 5th. Lin was in the monitoring.

The reporter called Lin several times and no one answered. Ms. Zheng provided the recording materials she had consulted with Lin and her intermediary friends before. In the recording, Lin said that it's no longer enough to pay 2 million yuan, because his loss is too great. MS Zheng said the house could not be licensed or transferred, and both sides were victims. In the recording, Lin claimed that it was his house and asked Ms. Zheng's family to move away. At present, the property right certificate of the house can not be applied for. In the sense of law, the house is still owned by the developer. Even if the house belongs to Lin's mother-in-law, even if it is rented to Ms. Zheng, the owner has no right to enter the house without permission during the lease period. According to the current situation, Ms. Zheng owns and uses the house, and is going through normal legal procedures. Other people are suspected of illegally invading the house by prying off the door lock and vacating the house.