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"Strange light" in the college entrance examination questions: what is the answer to the strange lig

What is the answer to the weird light standard in Zhejiang college entrance examination the annual college entrance examination in 2017 came to an end. This year, a Chinese reading comprehension topic became popular in Zhejiang college entrance examination. It successfully surpassed the composition of college entrance examination and occupied the hot search list. The reason is that the original author was besieged by the microblog of netizens, but the original author didn't know what it meant. So now many people are concerned about what the standard answer is. Let's take a look.

So, which abilities are examinees being examined in the Chinese reading questions of college entrance examination? Should the Chinese reading questions have standard answers?

College entrance examination reading beat the original author?

--Disputes over Chinese reading questions are not unique

On the afternoon of June 7, just after the college entrance examination, a reading comprehension question in Zhejiang volume immediately aroused hot discussion among netizens.

It is understood that this year's Zhejiang college entrance examination of modern Chinese reading papers, selected the writer Gong Gaofeng's short story "a delicious.". The writing background of the article is in the age of material scarcity, describing the memory of the protagonist's first drinking of fish soup when he was 6 years old. At the end of the article, the author describes that the fish jumping out of the pot 'still has a strange light in their eyes', and one of the questions is to ask the examinees to comment on this end.

After the exam, Gong Gaofeng said in his microblog that 'the standard answer hasn't come out, how can I know what I want to express', and published an article entitled "forwarding so many Koi but losing to a grass carp, I drove 290000 Zhejiang college entrance examination students crazy & hellip; & hellip;", which was later understood as' college entrance examination reading beat the original author'.

In fact, from the public opinion influence of the college entrance examination questions over the years, the dispute about Chinese reading questions is not an example.

According to media reports, in 2011, the Chinese reading question of Fujian college entrance examination was selected from "Zhu Qiqian: 'the erased founder'", written by Lin Tianhong. The original author was most troubled by the question, which made the examinee

Analyzing the reasons for the two heavy rains in the article, Lin Tianhong revealed to the media that the standard answers were a lot. The real reason was that it was raining outside the window when he wrote the manuscript.

For these controversies, some netizens wondered whether the proposition idea of the Chinese reading questions in the college entrance examination should comply with the original author's original intention? Whether the individual thinking of the examinees can be really brought into play? The remaining temperature of the college entrance examination has not disappeared, and the evaluation of the Chinese test questions has attracted more attention. "

Are the quirky questions out of line?

--Chinese teacher: not beyond the scope of students' knowledge

Gong Gaofeng, who is on the cusp of public opinion, recently told the media about his writing intention. He revealed that the theme of one is to describe suffering in a ironic way, and the ending suddenly reverses, suggesting that the meaning of "delicious" has two layers, one is the delicious fish itself, and the other is to reveal a kind of thinking outside the shallow level of "delicious" through the ending of the fish not in the pot.

Gong Gaofeng said that such an ending is a kind of 'Euro Middleton; Henry' ending, bringing a magical color.

So, is the original author's writing intention beyond the scope of the college entrance examination?

Yu Yonggang, head of language group of Chai Qiao middle school in Ningbo, Zhejiang, analyzed the reporter of WeChat cns2012: "from the point of view of test design, it did not exceed the scope of students' knowledge. He explained: 'for example, the end of O & bull; Henry style appeared in the required textbook, which can be expected by ordinary students; for example, magic color is also involved in the optional textbook, but this test point is somewhat difficult. '

Yu Yonggang believes that the novel is based on the past era of material scarcity, which is relatively unfamiliar to candidates born around 2000. This sense of distance undoubtedly increases the difficulty of reading.

Gong Gaofeng also expressed a similar view to the media. He said that the young people who are taking part in the college entrance examination lack such life experience, so it is difficult to understand. The conflict is here.

Then, according to the national regulations, which abilities are mainly tested in the Chinese test questions of the college entrance examination? According to the 2017 national unified examination outline for enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities issued by the examination center of the Ministry of education, the Chinese Department of the college entrance examination requires to test the six abilities of examinees, namely, memorization, understanding, analysis and synthesis, appreciation and evaluation, expression and application, and exploration. The compulsory courses and elective courses are all in the test contents Medium.

The examination syllabus also requires the reading of literary texts. Candidates are required to explore the meaning, national psychology and humanistic spirit of the works from different perspectives and levels, explore the author's creative background and intention, and carry out personalized reading and creative interpretation of the works.

Do Chinese reading questions have standard answers?

--Chinese teacher: since it's examination selection, there must be standards

Since 'personalized reading and creative interpretation of works' is required, should there be a standard answer to the question of Chinese reading comprehension?

Yu Yonggang said that since it is examination and selection, there must be standards, but he also stressed that 'the polysemy, richness and fuzziness of literary works make the setting of the standard "quasi answer" often have a lot of controversy, which requires that the answer design should be both standardized and flexible, and can not use the rigid frame of the author to cover the different understanding and thinking of the examinees. '

As for whether it is necessary to refer to the opinions of the original author when writing questions, Shi shengxun, an associate professor of Chinese Department of Peking University, believes that it is not necessary for the author to participate in the examination.

He analyzed to the reporter of, "because the proposition is a more professional process, if the author participates in the proposition, it may guarantee the certainty and uniqueness of the answer, but it may also neglect the creative solution of the author and the examinee. '

'the deviation between the author and the author is inevitable in modern literature reading. The author's understanding of the original work rises to the angle of selection examination, which at least shows that the work has a better interpretable space, which does not mean to determine the answer. Shi shengxun said that from the perspective of literary theory, public opinion's questioning of the original author just ignores the derivative process of the text itself.

'what we insist on is just reasoning, not seeking absolute answers. 'he said.

What is the promotion space of Chinese reading proposition?

--Experts: Chinese proposition should be cautious and scientific

Comparatively speaking, realistic articles are more suitable for college entrance examination. "A senior high school Chinese teacher in Wuhan, Hubei Province, who didn't want to be named, told," magic realism, stream of consciousness and other articles have too many metaphors and personalized symbols, so they are not suitable for writing questions. After all, the college entrance examination is not an examiner or only a student of Chinese department. '

Shi shengxun thinks that in the future, the reading questions of Chinese college entrance examination should not be scratched and should not come out from the corner.

'in addition, there should be collective discussion and a better plan. 'Shi shengxun suggested that we should be more careful in the examination and invite professors from the Chinese Department of the university to check it.

Chu Chaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said in an interview with that more scientific ways should be explored in the proposition of college entrance examination questions.

For example, 'for example, some test questions in foreign countries will go through the test, then analyze, evaluate its scientificalness, and finally use it to conduct formal tests. '