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Why is Thailand fragrant rice not delicious for cooking or porridge

Rice is one of the staple foods of Chinese people's daily diet. Thai rice is famous for its long grain shape and delicious smell after cooking. Let's learn about it!

The reason why Thailand fragrant rice is not fragrant after cooking is also related to the way of cooking.

Now many people use electric rice cooker to cook. They think that they will be OK after pressing the electric rice cooker. They don't open the cooker until they have to eat. As a matter of fact, the rice cooked in the electric cooker is very hot, and the rice is quickly cooked. At this time, if the rice continues to be steamed, the water will be less and less, and the aroma and nutrition will also be lost. Therefore, when cooking in an electric rice cooker and the indicator light just jumps to the "heat preservation" position, you have to unplug it, and then open the cover five minutes later to let the excess water run off, so that the rice will be more fragrant.

Thai rice is a kind of long grain rice originated from Thailand, which is a kind of indica rice. It is famous for its glutinous taste and unique smell of pandanus tree.

Thai rice is usually steamed rice delicious! Not suitable for porridge! Ordinary glutinous rice. Japonica rice, black rice and red rice are more suitable for porridge cooking!

How much is the price of Thai fragrant rice? Golden porpoise: 2.5kg, reference price: 46 yuan

2.5kg Xiangmi, wuwenfu, Thailand, reference price: 49.8 yuan

Fulinmen Thailand Jasmine 5 kg, reference price: 89.9 yuan

Jinkui (5 kg) sweet rice in Wuwen, Thailand, reference price: 79.8 yuan

Xiangnalan pure Thai Xiangmi 5kg, reference price: 86 yuan

The Royal Plaza in Thailand 5 kg jasmine rice in Thailand, reference price: 103 yuan