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Where to go on the 2017 graduation trip? 7 recommended places for graduation travel

University youth campus is an unforgettable experience for many people. Graduation travel is a good way to remember. Youth is an exam, a wide uniform, a brother of the upper bunk, a shy girl with a ponytail. Let's see which place is suitable for graduation season travel?

No1, Chengdu, Sichuan

Food paradise

What's interesting about the graduation trip is that you can enjoy the scenery and taste everything at the same time. Don't miss hot pot, Sichuan cuisine and snacks. Let's go to Chengdu for a delicious trip.

No.2 Qingdao, Shandong

facing the sea with spring flowers blossoming

Qingdao's early summer is cool and pleasant, the sea breeze is blowing, and friends can enjoy traveling together. Go swimming in golden beach, watch the sunrise in Laoshan Mountain and explore the old house.

Choose a comfortable and clean youth tour. The whole class lives in a small building. Party play, record the most beautiful youth.

No3, Xitang, Zhejiang

The poetic farewell of Yanyu corridor

Xitang, a picturesque water town. Maybe you've heard about it, but you want to leave your own footprints. How does it feel to be photographed in every lane, surrounded by close friends who share the same aspiration but are about to be separated?

Taste duck soup, stir fried green beans in Xitang, and then a pot of yellow rice wine; walk along the mossy slate Road, take a black boat across a small bridge, and take photos with your girlfriend for souvenirs. The memory of your youth can also be so poetic.

No4. Gulangyu, Xiamen

Island refreshing Tour

It's better to stagger the peak of July and August in kulangsu, which is popular. It's neither hot nor crowded to travel in May and June.

Rent a few bikes on Huandao Road, ride slowly along the coast, watch the sunrise and sunset together. Many years later, I hope I still remember each other's most beautiful smiles in the alley.

No5, Hongcun, Anhui

No dream of Huizhou in the countryside

"I've been infatuated with Huizhou all my life.". Hongcun is known as "the village in the painting". Huizhou architecture is its feature. The Oscar winning film Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon is also set here. Huizhou literature and Art Tour is the best choice for graduation travel.

No6, Dunhuang, Gansu

The memory of youth in the vast desert

You can choose to feel the huge impact brought by the magnificence in the vast Gobi, and let the relics of thousands of years witness your youth. Left a silhouette in the desert sunset, I believe that whenever I see it again, it will be full of warm colors of youth.

No7. Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia

Gallop the horse to let the youth unrestrained

"Let's live in the company of the world of mortals, gallop our horses and share the prosperity of the world. 'I'll probably go to KTV to roar a song pretending to be free and easy when I graduate. Why not really free and easy once, to the vast prairie galloping, warm crazy once!

The sky is blue above the head, the grassland is green below the feet, and the melodious piano sound in the ear. You can have a good time with your friends, singing to each other, watching the sunrise and sunset of the grassland, and camping in tents together.