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Is Xiaoai speaker Mini worth buying? How about Xiaoai speaker Mini Xiaomi rice flour Festival is in full swing. In addition to the hot Xiaomi mix2s, Xiaoai Mini Edition has become a hot item. Every time it's sold, it's out of seconds. Is Xiaoai fan worth buying? Let's have a look at Xiaoai.

According to pan jiutang, partner of Xiaomi industry investment department, the cost of Xiaoai Mini is 2x US dollars, and the normal selling price is 169 yuan.

He said: 'after the festival, the production capacity of smart speakers / headphones industry is generally very tight. With the soaring price of MLCC and other components and parts out of stock, it will take a little time for the mini production capacity to climb. After all, the positioning is momentum. '

Pan jiutang finally said that in half a year, 169 yuan to buy mini love is earned.

From the disassembly of the Internet, there is a dust-proof net at the bottom of xiaoaimini, which uses Quanzhi R16 chip (4-core A7), etrontech Yuchuang 1gb-ddr3 memory, Toshiba 1GB EEPROM chip, two core smart ac108 multi microphone array circuits. The overall workmanship is rigorous and the material is reliable.