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Is mosquito repellent lamp useful? What is the principle of mosquito repellent lamp there are many mosquito repellent lights in stores and on the Internet. They are very popular in summer. They can be used as long as they are powered on. But how can they drive or kill mosquitoes?

Is mosquito repellent lamp useful? What is the principle of mosquito repellent lamp

Principle of mosquito repellent lamp

The carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings has been scientifically proved to be a substance that attracts mosquitoes to the human body. Mosquito repellent lamp can imitate the light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor and flowing air that mosquitoes like, simulate human breath to attract mosquitoes, then attract mosquitoes away from your side, fall into mosquito catching cyclone, dehydrate and air dry them to death.

Is mosquito repellent lamp effective.

Some can and some can't. Generally, the products sold on the market can not repel mosquitoes. If they are required to repel mosquitoes, they need to simulate the light, heat, carbon dioxide, etc. that mosquitoes like. However, the ultraviolet mosquito repellent lamps sold on the market have no mosquito repellent effect. We saw a lot of bodies on the mosquito repellent lamp and thought that the lamp could kill mosquitoes effectively, but in fact, these are not blood sucking mosquitoes, but chironomid mosquitoes living in humid areas. And the blood sucking mosquito that really harms us cannot be attracted by the mosquito repellent lamp.

What really attracts mosquitoes is the carbon dioxide, smell and infrared produced by animals and people. And ultraviolet does not attract blood sucking mosquitoes. It only attracts chironomid that does not.

How to prevent mosquito bites

1. Shower more

What can attract mosquitoes is the carbon dioxide and taste of human body, so you must take a bath more in summer to ensure that there is no smell on your body, so as to minimize the sweat and bacteria on your body.

2. Wear light colors

If you need to go out, you must wear light, loose and cool clothes, and don't wear dark clothes. Mosquitoes tend to wear dark clothes.

3. Clean the room more often

Places like kitchens and washrooms that are prone to breeding mosquitoes need to be cleaned to ensure the room is dry and tidy. In the daytime, clean up the room everywhere, clean all kinds of dead corners of hidden mosquitoes, which is the so-called taking advantage of its sleep to kill it.

4. Don't go out at dusk

Afternoon to evening is the peak of mosquito activities. Mosquitoes are hungry all day and are looking for dinner. You should not go out to feed them.

5. Installation of mosquito screen

Mosquito screens can be installed on every window of the home to avoid the entry and exit of mosquitoes, and then the mosquitoes in the room can be removed by using mosquito incense or electric mosquito swatters.

6. Select mosquito control methods

The most suitable is physical mosquito control. For example, the mosquito net is very good. You can also use air conditioner or electric fan, both of which can blow mosquitoes away. You can also use electric mosquito swatter or electric mosquito repellent incense.