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Which people are suitable to wear white crystal

Which people are suitable to wear white crystal

Sihaiwang: white crystal is a very common kind of gem. People who know about gem know that each gem has its own properties. Do you know what the effect and function of wearing white crystal is? Who is suitable to wear white crystal? Let's have a look.

What are the functions of white crystal

1. White crystal increases memory. White crystal can produce continuous vibration with the light, which has a very good effect on clear thinking.

2. White crystal can ward off evil spirits. It may be exaggerated in a sense that the white crystal turned out to be lucky. Even the super efficient titanium crystal can not be said to be able to turn bad luck into good. But it's very clear that the white crystal can stop the rush of Qi.

3. White crystal can resist radiation. Especially crystal clusters and crystal balls. Crystal cluster can not only reduce certain radiation, but also be used to purify crystal ornaments!

2、 Who is suitable for wearing?

1. Students. Students wear white crystal, which is conducive to concentration in learning, but also can reduce some learning pressure and tension.

2. White collar. Some office workers often face the computer, or long-term desk work, and there is sub-health in spirit. White crystal can relieve the pressure of your life and restore your energy.

3. Old people. What the old people need is a healthy body to enjoy life. Some people may not know about the seven rounds of the human body. The seven rounds of human body correspond to some physiological systems of human body. White crystal is aimed at more than one wheel position of human body. It can open all seven rounds of functions and play a good role in promoting our health care.