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Which brand of air purifier is better in 2018

Which brand of air purifier is better in 2018 in recent years, the air quality problem has aroused great attention. Many people will buy an air purifier for their families. A good air purifier can be responsible for your breathing. How to choose an air purifier? Which brand is better in 2018? Let's look at the top ten air purifier brands in 2018 first!

Top 10 air purifiers, sharp (Japan)

Compared with the same period last year, sharp's total sales growth rate is far lower than the market average, and its newly launched mosquito trap air purifier market is cold. However, due to the wide range of sharp air purifiers, the total sales volume is still considerable.

Philips (Netherlands) ranked second in the top ten air purifiers

The sales growth of Philips is slightly higher than the market average, and the sales growth is relatively stable. Due to the increase of advertising investment, the overall performance is still worrying. However, as a world-class household appliance enterprise, Philips has a great influence.

Third in the top ten air purifiers, Addison (Germany)

Agison, who focuses on air purifiers, is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the "new national standard". With a year-on-year growth rate of 210%, agison has become the most dazzling "rising star" in China's air purifier market. However, considering that agison is one of the top air purifier manufacturers in the European Union and North America, this achievement is not surprising.

Air purifier top 10 ranking 4, Honeywell (USA)

Honeywell, which dominates the high-end sector, also performed very strongly, with a growth rate of 198% proving its strong market control ability. Honeywell's quality reputation has always been good, but the design is monotonous and the price is relatively high. In the case that the low-end brands are severely hit by the "new national standard", this achievement is also very normal.

Top 10 air purifiers ranking 5, bruyar (Sweden)

Bruyar focuses on the development of new air purifier, and the product update is faster. As an international air purifier brand that entered China earlier, bruyar has a relatively strong brand influence and a relatively stable customer group.

Ranking 6 in the top 10 air purifiers, Asian capital (China)

Yadu is the best air purifier brand in China and the only air purifier brand that can compete with international famous brands. Although there is a slight lack of R & D capability, it may become an international air purifier brand born in China in time.

Panasonic (Japan)

Among the top ten brands in sales volume, Panasonic is the only air purifier brand with decreased sales volume. Although it is said to be 'flashy', Panasonic's sales volume is not satisfactory. But given its strong brand influence, Panasonic is holding on to some markets.

Eight in the top ten air purifiers, Oule (Canada)

Although it has paid enough publicity cost, the market performance of Oule is not very good, and the main reason for the decline of Oule's ranking is that the after-sales service fails to keep up. In terms of market sales, Euler is up 15% year on year, far below the market average.

Top 10 air purifiers ranking 9, TCL (China)

TCL is one of the earliest air purifier enterprises in China. Although it has occupied a place in the market by virtue of its brand influence, 36% growth is not ideal for such an internationally famous brand.

Top 10 air purifiers, Xiaomi (China)

Xiaomi has also shown the nature of "troublemaker" in the air purifier market. Through the online expansion of a large number of medium and low-end products, Xiaomi, a new upstart in the field of air purifier, has risen rapidly. However, due to the emergence of the "new national standard", Millet's rapid development momentum has been curbed - after all, quality is the root of the product.