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Can loquat leaf boiled water be used to treat laryngitis

Sihaiwang: loquat is a kind of ripe fruit in early summer. It has good taste, high nutrition and is very popular. Among them, loquat leaf also has many functions. Follow Xiaobian and get to know it.

Can loquat leaf boiled water be used to treat laryngitis

Can boiled water from loquat leaves be drunk on an empty stomach

It's best not to eat on an empty stomach. It's best to drink for half an hour after meals.

Before loquat leaves are used for boiling water, the fluff on the leaves should be removed first to avoid throat irritation. Loquat leaves should be washed before boiling water.

Ingredients: 5 loquat leaves and 1 rock candy


1. Take 5-6 pieces of fresh loquat leaves, wash out the dirt in the flowing water, and brush all the fluff on the back;

2. Put it in a basin, add water to the loquat leaves, soak them for 15 minutes, and then rinse them with flowing water;

3. Prepare an ice sugar. It's better to cut up the leaves of yellow ice sugar and put them into the boiling pot. Pour about 800 ml of water into the pot and cook in high heat. After the leaves are boiled, stir the floating leaves with chopsticks and turn them into medium and low heat;

4. Add a piece of ice sugar and cook for 20 minutes. Don't open the lid immediately and continue to simmer for a while;

5. Pour out the loquat leaf water, which is still brown at this time. After a while, it turns wine red, with a light fragrance of loquat leaf. The boiled water can be used as a daily tea drink, which can be taken in small amount every day, 3-4 times, and can also be used by adults. The effect of relieving cough and resolving phlegm is very good.

How to drink loquat water for pharyngitis

Not very therapeutic.

Laryngitis is a kind of disease caused by bacteria. It can be divided into acute and chronic laryngitis. Loquat is cool, has the effect of promoting body fluid and relieving thirst, moistening lung and relieving cough. It is mainly used to treat dry throat, thirsty throat and hot lung cough. It has no great effect on laryngitis, but it can relieve the discomfort of throat. Therefore, loquat can be eaten properly by patients with laryngitis at ordinary times.

How to treat laryngitis with loquat leaf boiling water

Loquat juice

Ingredients: 10 loquats, appropriate honey.


1. Wash, peel and core loquat, and cut the flesh into small pieces for use.

2. Then put it into the juicer, add a little cold boiled water to extract the juice.

3. After juicing, add honey, stir well, and then drink loquat juice.

Loquat leaf water

Ingredients: loquat leaves 5-6 pieces, loquat 6 pieces or so, appropriate amount of crystal sugar.


1. Wash the loquat leaves, clean the dirt on the surface and the hairbrush on the back.

2. Rinse and peel loquat, separate pulp and kernel.

3. Put the loquat leaves into the pot, add some water, and boil over high heat.

4. After boiling, put the Loquat Pulp and sugar in the pot, turn the heat to continue boiling for about 10 minutes.