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List of items for romantic trip to Jeju Island, South Korea

Jizhou Island, a beautiful and romantic island. Today's beautiful island, when the spring is full of sunshine, takes three or five friends, or family members, to see the place where Da Changjin is fighting tenaciously, to see the orange garden, to enjoy the beauty of azaleas, to listen to the waves, to view the sunrise scenery at the sunrise peak of Chengshan mountain, which is really enjoyable.

List of items for romantic trip to Jeju Island, South Korea

Romantic trip: Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island, the largest island in South Korea, is full of romantic feelings. It is known as "the island of honeymoon" and "the island of romance". Many newly married couples in South Korea spend their romantic honeymoon here. And the popularity of "Da Chang Jin" makes this island more well known. In the former place of exile and today's beautiful island, when the spring is full, you can take three or five friends, or the family members, to see the place where Da Changjin is fighting tenaciously, to see the orange garden, to appreciate the beauty of azaleas, to listen to the waves, and to see the sunrise at the sunrise peak of Chengshan mountain. It's really enjoyable and beautiful.

The three most famous scenic spots in Jeju Island are shanjunbu, bailutan and Chengshan sunrise peak. The wood stone garden, which is composed of tree roots and stones, embodies and visualizes many myths of the island. Among them, the "life of Jiaduo" is to carve out and arrange the different images of a couple named Jiaduo from love, middle age to old age. Many newlyweds come here to express their wishes for a long life and love through this love story.

Because of its pleasant climate, Jeju island enjoys the name of "Hawaii in South Korea", and because of its close proximity, it has become one of the places to enjoy spring in spring.

List of items to Jeju Island, South Korea

Passport and visa (be sure to take them with you, and keep a photo of your passport information in your mobile phone or print a copy for safekeeping in case of accidental loss or forgetting).

Ticket (remind yourself of the date and time of departure and return). ID card (necessary after returning to China). Cash and bank card (UnionPay card and visa card can directly withdraw Korean currency through South Korean ATM, and appropriate amount of cash can be used for emergency).

Driver's license (a friend who rents a car must bring a driver's license, which is better if he has an international driver's license). Clothes (light clothes for activities, underwear according to the schedule, Korean climate and Clothing Introduction). Shoes (Korean slope road more, choose a pair of comfortable shoes). Mobile phones (domestic mobile phones for international business can be used in Korea, and egg can be rented at the airport). Camera (a HD camera and a large capacity memory card are also necessary).

Charger and converter (charging equipment is essential, while the socket in South Korea is different from that in China. It needs to change the plug, and it is more convenient and quick to have one on its own). Medicine (prescription medicine, cold medicine, gunpowder removal, antidiarrheal, etc. that an individual must take with a little. Toiletries. Most of the toiletries in the hotel are charged. Please bring your toiletries with you.

Cosmetics (South Korea is a big country of cosmetics, and it can be bought everywhere, so you can only carry daily necessities). Most of the shops have Chinese waiters, but they can also prepare a few common words in case of need. Korean is often used in Tourism). Carry on bag or backpack (a carry on bag that can be carried on one's shoulder or on one's shoulder, which is convenient for carrying passport, mobile phone, cash, bank card, etc.)

Physiological products depend on the situation, Korean convenience stores and supermarkets can be very convenient to buy). Umbrella (the weather in Korea is changeable, and the convenience store in Korea can also be bought at any time). Swimsuits (for tourists with swimming needs). Photo of certificate (prepare two or three photos of certificate. In case of loss of passport, it is convenient to make up).

Emergency call (Chinese Embassy in South Korea: 02-738-1038). South Korea Tourism Community (1330tt call center + 82-2-1330 24-hour service in Korea, UK, Japan and China). If there is an emergency, don't panic. According to the South Korean emergency information provided by, everything will be properly resolved.