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Drink 8 bottles of mineral water to induce vomiting, death and ingestion of hand sanitizer. How to c

Drink 8 bottles of mineral water to induce vomiting, death and ingestion of hand sanitizer. How to correctly rescue? water is the necessary raw material to maintain the body function. We need to add water every day. However, water has also become the 'killer' of Mr. Zhang's mother. Recently, an old woman mistakenly drank mineral water mixed with hand sanitizer and went to the hospital to fill ten bottles of mineral water to induce vomiting. However, when she drank the eighth bottle, the old woman died of ineffective rescue.

The autopsy report showed that the old woman died of respiratory failure due to acute pulmonary edema after drinking a lot of water in a short time. It's not hand sanitizer that killed the old woman, but mineral water. What's the matter? How to rescue the hand sanitizer and other articles by mistake? Let's have a look!

It is understood that Mr. Zhang's family lives in Fuyang, Hangzhou, and his mother is 62 years old. The old man is usually in good health and has no history of major diseases. On the afternoon of April 4, his mother took a bus back to Fuyang from the downtown of Hangzhou and bought a bottle of mineral water before getting on the bus. After dinner, her mother took the bottle of mineral water to drink, and found that there was a bubble. Mr. Zhang analyzed that it might be a mischievous child in the family and mixed the hand sanitizer. Then he sent his mother to the first people's Hospital of Fuyang district. The doctor told the old man to drink ten bottles of mineral water directly, and to vomit every two bottles in the middle, without examination.

The mother's medical record of the day said: the patient complained of taking hand sanitizer by mistake for one hour, and there was no abnormal condition in physical examination. The column of disposal said: ask for a follow-up visit after emesis, 5000 ml. Mr. Zhang took out a picture. His mother bought 500ml of Wahaha mineral water before taking the bus. The next small bottle of mineral water was drunk during vomiting. There are two bottles left.

When the mother drank the eighth bottle, about 3000 ml, she became ill and was sent to rescue. A few hours later, she died. In the medical record, it was written that: hand sanitizer poisoning, sudden cardiac arrest, acute heart failure. The hospital said that the cause of death may be that hand sanitizer is toxic, or that you have any disease. After drinking eight bottles of water, you will have pulmonary edema, which is the cause of direct death.

Listen to the doctor's words, but the condition is serious, leading to death. What's wrong with this? Mr. Zhang asked the hospital to take responsibility. No. 5 two sides discussed at the medical transfer meeting, and finally decided to carry out the autopsy first, and then discuss the next compensation after the results came out. However, Mr. Zhang doesn't want to have an autopsy now.

In response, the reporter contacted the staff of a hospital in Fuyang district. Yesterday, our doctors and patients were in the hospital, and there was a conflict to tell the truth. Later, under the leadership of the medical transfer Committee and the police, we went to the medical transfer committee to mediate. First, through autopsy, we identified the cause of death and who was responsible for it. Because to tell the truth, the cause of death is unknown, and everything is based on speculation, which is not very accurate . This is sure to happen every year. Some children's general diagnosis and treatment is a very classic treatment method. This method is not a doctor's idea. All doctors have different treatment methods according to what you inhale or take, some need to wash your stomach, some need to induce vomiting, which are different. It may also be related to whether police intervention will have criminal problems. It's hard to say now.

According to the staff of the medical department, the test results of hand sanitizer and water will take about two weeks. If Mr. Zhang doesn't agree to do the autopsy now, they will consult again.