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What's Scarlett's bath water? What the hell is Durant drinking Scarlett's bath water

What's Scarlett's bath water? What the hell is Durant drinking Scarlett's bath water

Nba2016-2017 finals came to an end. Warriors beat Cavaliers 4-1 to win the championship, which was Durant's first championship.

However, in 2011, Durant showed his loyalty to the goddess when Scarlett was walking on the red carpet, saying that he wanted to drink the goddess's bath water, and Scarlett also said that he would be given the chance to drink the bath water if he won the championship. Let's see the whole story!

After winning the championship, the words "Scarlett's bath water" and "Durant drinks bath water" on the Internet shot up the hot search list. What's the reason?

It is reported that at the 2011 golden ball awards, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johnson walked on the red carpet. Durant, who played for the Oklahoma City Thunder Team in 2011, tweeted excitedly: 'Scarlett, I will drink your bath water. 'the heroine then replied to him that if Durant can win the championship in his career, he will be given a bath water.

It should be a joke, but Durant is a fan of Scarlett~

Now, many years later, I don't know if Scarlett Johnson can remember the previous "agreement". Durant has won the championship now. Will Scarlett Johnson give Durant bath water next?

I believe NBA fans all know that Durant is on the warrior express. If he doesn't transfer to the warrior, it will take him a long time to drink the bath water. It seems that the bath water is full of magic. Durant is eager for it~

Can Durant drink Scarlett Johnson's bath water as he wishes?

I'm afraid it's a little difficult ~ ~ because Scarlett Johnson is a fan of James. Scarlett once said that James was more dominant than Durant and supported the knights to win the championship. Old iron, old fellow.

When asked about the bathwater incident, 'if the warriors win, will you give Durant a chance to drink his own bathwater?' Scarlett said: 'it's all in the past. '