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2018 Zhejiang media college open recruitment requirements

According to the Interim Measures for public recruitment of personnel in public institutions of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Media College decided to open recruitment of staff to the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1、 Recruitment unit

Zhejiang Media College: Zhejiang Province is a full-time undergraduate college, which is jointly established by the people's Government of Zhejiang Province and the State Administration of radio and television. It is one of the main bases for training specialized talents in radio, film, television and other media in China. The school is a public welfare institution of class II, and the budget is in the form of appropriate financial subsidies. The school has two campuses, which are located in Xiasha Higher Education Park and Tongxiang City.

2、 Recruitment position and conditions

(1) Demand planning

The recruitment needs 21 people in 11 positions, including 11 management positions and 10 professional and technical positions.

Please refer to the recruitment schedule (attached) for position name, number of recruiters and specific requirements.

(2) Recruitment target

There is no limit to recruitment objects. Anyone who meets the requirements of position registration can apply.

(3) Qualifications

The applicant shall meet the following conditions:

1. Abide by laws and disciplines, conduct well, and be willing to perform the obligations of personnel of public institutions;

2. Have the education background (degree), major and skills required by the post;

3. Have the physical conditions to meet the post requirements. Part of the positions are determined according to their gender, considering the need of staying in student apartments, maintaining the gender structure balance of similar positions and future training needs;

4. There is no situation between them that should be avoided according to regulations;

5. Meet other requirements of the post.

The time limit for new graduates and returned overseas students to obtain academic qualifications and degree certificates (including academic qualifications and degree certificates) shall be before the end of August 2018.

The length of working experience is required to be calculated to the end of application.

The requirements for professional conditions will be determined according to the principle of priority and appropriate leniency according to the University's professional setting catalogue and the actual employment situation of the unit and post.

The requirements of Ideological and political quality and moral quality are mainly determined according to the inspection standards adopted by Zhejiang Media College. The recruitment will be conducted by reference to the methods of civil servant recruitment and investigation.

For the requirements of physical conditions, it is mainly based on the physical examination standards adopted by Zhejiang Media College, and entrusted to the designated physical examination institution for identification. The recruitment will adopt the physical examination standard for civil servants.