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What are the positions of assistant police in Muyu Police District of Wenzhou Wenling Public Securit

Due to the needs of the work, the Muyu Police District of Wenling public security bureau now recruits several auxiliary police officers for the public.

1、 Recruitment position

● several auxiliary police

1. Text editor, unlimited for men and women, 2, college degree or above (good at writing, public security work experience preferred)

2. Service personnel, male, 20, college degree or above

(veterans can be appropriately extended to high school or secondary school diploma)

Other requirements:

1. Observe disciplines and laws, have a decent style, and have no criminal record;

2. Wenling local youth aged 18-35;

3. Serious work, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit;

4. In good health, with normal physical conditions and work ability to perform duties.

2、 Salary treatment

After passing the interview and physical examination, they are selected for employment, with an annual salary of 50000 (including five insurances), providing lunch, dinner and accommodation.

3、 Registration items

If you are interested, please take my ID card to the 301 Office of Muyu police district.

Contact: Captain Zhou

Tel: 86478535138586449

Valid from March 30, 2018 to April 30, 2018