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What's the difference between Lancome black bottle and anvil

Lancome black bottle and anvil are the choices of many people, but some people are always confused about these two kinds, so what's the difference between Lancome black bottle and anvil? Let's have a look!

The difference between Lancome small black bottle and anvil

Lancome small black bottle

The texture of Lancome small black bottle is egg white, which is clear and transparent, with good liquidity, and can quickly penetrate and moisturize the skin. The viscosity of this small black bottle is a little thicker than the general essence. It looks more plump and contains more gold.

Lancome ampoule

The ampoule's liquid is almost transparent (slightly bluish purple), which is more moist than the small black bottle. In addition, the essence has good fluidity, fast absorption, and the taste is more fragrant than that of the black bottle essence.

Skin type difference

Lancome small black bottle

In addition to denatured ethanol, Lancome black bottle also contains an acid substance with exfoliation function, and the content is not low, so it is not suitable for sensitive skin with thin and fragile cuticle. Therefore, Lancome small black bottle is more suitable for the use of babies with oily skin and mixed oily skin. The skin with thin cuticle, such as red blood silk, is better not to try Lancome black bottle.

Lancome ampoule

Lancome ampoule is suitable for all skin of sensitive muscles, because the formula of Lancome ampoule is more reassuring. For those who stay up late, those who have to face the computer for 8 hours every day, or those who like to make up every day, it's an excellent repair essence.

Composition difference

Lancome small black bottle

Moisturizing ingredients (5 kinds: Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, glucoside ascorbate, yeast extract, adenosine)

Whitening ingredients (4 kinds: lysosomes of bifida yeast products, glucoside ascorbate, yeast extract, salicylyl plant sphingosine)

Antioxidants (2 kinds: adenosine, yeast extract)

Essence: (3 kinds: essence, citronellol, limonene)

Preservatives: (2 kinds: phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate)

Lancome ampoule

Moisturizing ingredients (13 kinds: propylene glycol, glycerin, betaine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycine, arginine, methionine, pentanediol, yeast extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, adenosine, polyethylene glycol)

Whitening ingredients (3 kinds: lysosomes, yeast extract, hydroxyasiaticoside)

Antioxidant components (9 kinds: hydrolyzed wheat protein, methionine, yeast extract, edelweiss extract, caffeine, vitamin, asiaticoside, adenosine, pineapple fruit extract)

Essence: (1 kind: Daily essence)

Preservatives: (5 kinds: phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, sodium dehydroacetate, potassium sorbate, chlorophenyl glycol)

Difference in use time

Lancome small black bottle

The use time of Lancome small black bottle is different from that of Anping. The small black bottle can be used sooner or later, and there are no ingredients that need special consideration. Just in order to prevent the deposition of melanin during the day, you should pay attention to strengthen the sun protection sooner or later.

Lancome ampoule

Lancome's ampoule essence is best used at night, because ferulic acid will be very unstable when it is exposed to light, so it is easy to make ferulic acid ingredients invalid when it is used in the daytime. If you want to use it in the daytime, you must wear a well wrapped mask and sunglasses, and put on a high multiple of sunscreen to go out.

Difference of using feeling

Lancome small black bottle

On the whole, stick to using the small black bottle for a period of time, and you can feel the thin and smooth skin.

Hoard: 'I think the whitening of the small black bottle is largely reflected in the fading of acne marks. There are a lot of acne marks around my chin. During this period, I did not use other whitening essence, but over the past few months, the acne marks have indeed faded a lot. '

Lancome ampoule

Lancome ampoule in texture continues the refreshing feeling of the small black bottle, after use, the skin will become delicate and smooth, and the sense of use is indeed gentler than the small black bottle, and there will be no discomfort when using the ampoule in sensitive skin.

Oatmeal little sister: 'after using the bottle for three days, my peeled nose and nose wings will recover tenaciously, and the overall skin luster and delicacy will also go up. The photos can't be taken very well, but if you touch them with your hands, you will feel tender!. '

Rice: 'three days after using the ampoule, my peeled nose and nose wings will recover tenaciously. The overall skin luster and fineness will also go up. The photos can't be taken very well, but if you touch them with your hands, you will feel tender.'

How to use Lancome black bottle ampoule essence

Step 1: push and twist the black cap clockwise to release the blue essence into the basic essence.

Step 2: shake until the two essences are well mixed.

Step 3: unscrew and discard the black cap.

Step 4: use silver dropper instead of product.

Step 5: start using!!!

How about Lancome black bottle ampoule

Lancome has created a new product of fresh skin care - small black bottle ampoule essence, which can be used for super function when the skin is very fragile and sensitive

The blue active liquid in the bottle is anti-oxidation ferulic acid. At the moment of pressing and activating, you can customize the bottle opening date of the product. The high concentration essence is injected into the bottle to ensure its fresh and active use. After one month of use, it can repair the sensitive damage of the skin and strengthen the external state of the skin.

Compared with the traditional black bottle essence, it is more like an emergency essence. It is suitable for use when the skin condition is not stable, such as season changing, pressure period, travel season and frequent makeup period.

This small ampoule is highly mobile and easy to absorb. After use, the skin is very full, with the pleasant aroma of Lancome, which makes the whole skin care process pleasant. This small ampoule can be used together with the small black bottle. Lancome officially has a three-month special treatment course for fragile skin. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it~