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What bonus items will be cancelled in 2018 college entrance examination of Beijing

What bonus items will be cancelled in 2018 college entrance examination of Beijing Recently, according to the latest notice of the Ministry of education, many bonus points will be cancelled in this year's college entrance examination. According to the reporter from Beijing Education and examination institute, Beijing will further adjust the bonus points policy in this year's college entrance examination, and cancel the bonus points in the College entrance examination, such as sports majors, Olympic Games winners, etc.

The cancelled bonus points include: provincial excellent students; candidates who have won the title of national second-class athletes or above; top 6 collective or individual sports events in major international sports competitions and top 6 individual sports events in national sports competitions; those who have outstanding deeds in ideological, political and moral aspects; first, second and third Prize winners in national final of discipline Olympic competition for middle school students in China, and national youth scientific and technological innovation The first and second prize winners in science and technology competitions such as the competition, and the winners in the international science and engineering Grand Prix or the Olympic competition of international environmental research projects, etc.

In addition, a college entrance examination care policy has been added this year. The children of the public security model apply for the examination of colleges and universities, and are given priority in admission under the same conditions as other examinees.

It is understood that the total number of applicants for the college entrance examination in Beijing this year is 63073, an increase of more than 2400 over last year. This year, we will continue to implement the policy that the children of migrant workers will take part in the higher vocational entrance examination in Beijing. A total of 486 candidates have applied, including 309 who meet the requirements and can take part in the college entrance examination.

In addition to the adjustment of the bonus point policy, this year will also implement the reform of foreign language subject examination, and further increase the handling of special types of enrollment examination violations such as student escort, independent enrollment, and high-level art troupes.