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What's going on with nine bowls of liquor

Sihaiwang: 'throwing bowls of wine' is popular in some places. People break bowls after drinking to show heroism. Recently, a teenager in Weixian County, Handan City, Hebei Province, drank nine bowls of white wine in public at the food festival. Unfortunately, it became a tragedy, and his life was set at 17 years old forever. Since then, he has been separated from his relatives by Yin and Yang, leaving endless pain.

According to the child's family, Xiaojun (pseudonym) is more lively. After graduating from junior high school, he helps his father sell wood at home. He can drink two bottles of beer and some white wine at ordinary times. On the evening of March 31, because Weixian is holding the "International Flower Sea Food Carnival", Xiaojun and a classmate meet to go to the county by E-bike after dinner.

At that time, two children came to a 'bowl throwing wine' stall in the food street. According to people familiar with the matter, each bowl of white wine costs more than 2 Liang and 5 yuan. After drinking it, the bowl can be smashed on the spot. The scene is extremely exciting. Xiaojun and his classmates can't help but feel excited. They hold up bowls and drink to wish for a good omen. Among them, Xiaojun drinks nine bowls in a row in the sound of "crackling".

Nine bowls of white wine is nearly 1kg. How can a 17-year-old bear it? After a short walk, Xiaojun is drunk. His mother recalled that after his son was sent home, his lips were blue and he was unconscious. 120 emergency workers rushed to find that there was no heartbeat. Although he was pulled to the hospital with all his strength, he still failed to save his life.

On the morning of April 1, Xiaojun's family, after analyzing and suspecting that there was a quality problem in bulk liquor, found a peddler selling "bowl dropping liquor" and asked the other party to provide the origin of liquor, whether the liquor met the food safety standards and whether there was a certificate of conformity.

In addition, local people pointed out that according to the provisions of the law on the protection of minors, businesses are prohibited from selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors. If the age of consumers cannot be determined, they can show their identity cards, otherwise they will bear corresponding responsibilities. Some netizens also think that it is a fault for businesses to induce others to consume in the pursuit of interests, but Xiaojun has the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and drink 9 bowls of white wine in spite of his own safety, which shows that his psychological and family education are also problematic.

At present, Xiaojun has "settled down" and its family hopes to safeguard their rights and interests through legal means. Police have also sealed up the 'bowl dropping wine' involved and launched an investigation into the cause of the accident.