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What kind of insurance do you buy for tourism in 2018

What kind of insurance do you buy for tourism in 2018

Four seas network: now with the improvement of people's material level, more and more people travel every year to meet their spiritual needs. Many old drivers who often travel know what kind of insurance to buy when they go out to travel. For novices, they don't know how to choose. Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

1、 What kind of travel insurance does it cover?

Travel insurance generally includes medical expenses, personal accidents, double compensation for accidents, emergency medical transportation, transportation and return expenses, personal baggage, baggage delay, cancellation of journey, journey delay, shortening of journey, personal money and certificates, and personal responsibilities.

Medical expenses: the medical expenses that need to be paid due to infection or accident during the travel.

Personal accident: if the insured is incomplete in limbs, blind in one or both eyes or even dead due to serious accident, the insured can get compensation according to the compensation amount in the insurance.

Double compensation for accident: if the insured takes public transportation (including plane, air cushion, ferry, taxi, etc.) at his own expense or takes a private car in case of serious accident, the insured will get double compensation.

Emergency medical transport: if the insured suffers from an accident or serious illness, the relevant authorities will provide emergency medical transport.

Cost of return: if the insured dies, the insurance company will provide to return the body to the original place of residence.

Personal baggage: if the insured's personal baggage is stolen, accidentally lost or damaged during the journey, a certain amount of compensation will be paid.

Baggage delay: if the baggage is not delivered 12 hours after the insured's flight arrives at the destination, it can be compensated every 12 hours.

Cancellation of travel: if the insured fails to travel due to serious illness or accident from the effective date to the departure date of the policy, the insurance company shall be responsible for all the loss of travel deposit, air ticket, etc.

Travel delay: if the vehicle is delayed due to bad weather, mechanical failure, industrial action or hijacking, the insured can get compensation according to the time.

Shorten the journey: if the insured or his family members need to end the journey early due to accident, serious illness or death, the insured can claim the expenses paid or not enjoyed.

Personal money and documents: the scope includes money loss (cash, local currency, traveler's check) and loss caused by loss of passport.

Personal liability: if the insured is liable for physical damage or property loss caused by personal negligence, the insurance company can compensate for it.

2、 What kind of insurance should I buy for traveling?

1. Travel assistance insurance.

2. Passenger accident insurance.

3. Personal accident insurance for tourists.

4. Life insurance for accommodation passengers.

3、 What's the use of travel insurance?

People in the insurance industry believe that general tourists should buy four types of insurance when traveling:

Tourism rescue insurance is a kind of insurance generally operated by domestic insurance companies. It is jointly launched by insurance companies and international rescue centers. Tourists can call to get free rescue no matter they are in danger at home or abroad.

This kind of insurance mainly provides risk prevention services for tourists when they travel by means of transportation. 5% of the tickets and ship tickets purchased by tourists are used for insurance. The insurance amount of each insurance is 20000 yuan, including 10000 yuan for accident medical accident. The insurance period starts from the check-in or boarding, and ends at the check-in or exit of tourists Get off the boat.

Tourist personal accident insurance is the best choice for tourists who take part in adventure and adventure tours. The premium of each insurance is 1 yuan. The maximum amount of insurance is 10000 yuan. Each tourist can buy up to 10 insurances. The insurance period starts from the time when the tourists buy insurance to enter the scenic spots and scenic spots, until the tourists leave the scenic spots and scenic spots.

The life insurance of accommodation tourists is 1 yuan each. The insurance period is 15 days from 0:00 on the day of accommodation. After the expiration of the insurance period, it can be renewed. Each tourist can buy more than one insurance. The main guarantee provided by this kind of insurance includes 5000 yuan for accommodation passengers, 10000 yuan for accommodation passengers, and 200 yuan for compensation for accidental damage, theft, robbery and loss of their belongings.

Relevant people also remind tourists that the personal accident insurance for tourists is a compulsory insurance restricted by the National Tourism Administration in the form of departmental rules and regulations. When tourists travel with travel agencies, they must be clear about the insurance rights they should obtain.