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How to deduct driving license points in different places

Sometimes when I drive to other places, I accidentally break the rules and deduct points in the local area. How to deal with the fines for breaking the rules? Don't worry. Xiaobian tells you what to do when it happens?

How to deal with the deduction of driving license in different places

1. Through friends

If there are local friends who violate the rules, we can ask them to help us. Remember to send the original or copy of the violation notice, driver's license, driving license, ID card and other documents to your friends, so as to save unnecessary round-trip time. It is worth mentioning that some provincial and municipal traffic control departments do not accept others' agency, but still need to handle by the driver himself. Therefore, we must first find out clearly and then find friends, or we will run for nothing.

2. Pay fines locally

Local payment of fines in violation of regulations in different places: this function can only be carried out if the local traffic management system is connected to different places. At present, more and more provinces in China begin to implement the traffic management system networking, but not all hundreds of cities in the country are connected at once, not all places have it.

3. Go to the traffic control department of the place where the illegal act occurs for handling

If you have enough time, you can deal with the situation in other places by yourself. Because of the different ways of punishment in different places, you must remember to bring your driving license and driving license or a copy. Although the process is tedious and complicated, it can be handled in the fastest way without asking for help.

4. Handling by relevant business organizations or individuals entrusted in different places

It can save a lot of costs and labor, but it is also the most risky. After all, most of the companies that entrust business are small-scale businesses, and few institutions can obtain national formal qualification, but they have to take risks in order to get a driver's license.

5. Paid by post

After carrying out the business of paying traffic fines in different places by post, the car owners can handle the payment of traffic fines in different places without leaving home, which saves time and cost for the car owners. However, the postal agent can only deal with the violation records of fines. If you still have points deducted for violation in other places, you can only deal with them in person.

6. Get accurate information through the Internet

How to make sure that the illegal information on the illegal tickets in different places is not true? In fact, it can also be queried online now, but it depends on whether the area you want to query has opened this service function. In many inquiry websites, you just need to input your license plate number and car model to know whether you have some traffic violations in other places. If there is one, it can be done in time.

7. How to identify whether there is traffic violation in other places?

At present, when traffic violations occur in other places, some local public security traffic control departments will send illegal notices or SMS to inform the owners of relevant illegal information, in detail inform the owners of the illegal time, place, illegal behavior and handling procedures. Many owners will receive traffic violations' fraud SMS, which is to require the owners to remit money to a private account. However, the traffic control department does not accept any form of remittance or transfer, and those who require remittance and transfer are all fraud messages.

The above content is the relevant answer. If the driver's license is deducted in a different place, it can't be processed on the Internet. If you don't want to go to the local place, you can entrust a friend to help you do it, or you can pay it by post. We can first query it on the Internet before handling it. If you have other legal issues, you can consult the relevant lawyer.