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What subjects and contents will be tested in 2018 driver's license examination

Driving on the road must have a driver's license, so first you need to go to the driving school to get a test, so what subjects and contents should you take to get a driver's license in 2018? Come and have a look.

1、 What subjects should be taken in the driving test

Subject one, also known as subject one theory test and driver theory test, is a part of motor vehicle driving license assessment. According to the regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license, the contents of the test include the theoretical basis of driving, road safety laws and regulations, local regulations and other relevant knowledge. The form of examination is computer test, 100 questions, 90 points and above.

Subject 2, also known as the small road test, is the abbreviation of the field driving skills test subject. The test items include five compulsory tests: reverse storage, side parking, ramp fixed-point parking and starting, right angle turning and curve driving.

Subject 3, also known as the big road test, is the road driving skills in the motor vehicle driver test. The contents of road driving skills test for different quasi driving models are different, generally including: preparation for getting on, starting, straight driving, operation of adding and subtracting gears, lane change, parking by the side, straight through the intersection, left turning at the intersection, right turning at the intersection, passing the crosswalk line, passing the school area, passing the bus stop, meeting, overtaking, turning around, driving at night.

Subject 4, also known as subject 4 theory test and driver theory test. After the implementation of order 123 of the Ministry of public security, subject 3 is divided into two parts. In addition to road test, safe and civilized driving test is added, commonly known as' subject 4 '. Because this test is conducted after subject 3, we are used to call it subject 4. There is no subject 41 in the actual official statement. The examination paper is composed of 50 questions, mainly in the form of cases, pictures, animations, etc., with a full score of 100 and 90 passing.

2、 New changes of driving license examination

According to the contents and methods of the 2017 new edition of motor vehicle driver's test, the new standards for subjects I, II and III of driving test shall be implemented. After comparing the new and old standards, the reporter summed up six major changes.

Change 1: 7 class hours for theoretical learning

The theoretical part will be divided from the original 21 class hours into two subjects with a total of 28 class hours, paying more attention to the cultivation of drivers' awareness of civilized driving '.

Change 2: 5 subjects required for road test

The original 'training 10 items, examination 4 items' changed to' training and examination 5 items'. Among them, subject 2 changed a lot, and the examination items were changed from 3 required items + 1 selected item from 7 to 5 required items. Among them, 5 compulsory items are the reverse storage, the fixed-point parking and starting on the ramp, the side direction parking, the curve driving and the right angle turning. The original items of the random examination, such as the well cover, the width limit door and the single side bridge, are cancelled.

Change 3: canceling pile test and changing into reverse storage

Another major change is that the original "pile test" subject was cancelled and changed to "reverse storage". In this way, the original indicator post on the ground will be cancelled during the pile test; students without reference can only determine the position of the car body according to the horizontal line mark on the ground and judge the reversing by themselves. It can be said that the "reverse storage" subject not only increases the difficulty of the test, but also fits the actual road driving.

Change 4: reverse storage time limit 210 seconds

According to the new regulations, candidates must complete a complete set of procedures of driving vehicles to and from the warehouse within 210 seconds, and cannot park in the middle. In case of any midway stop or overtime, it will be judged as "unqualified".

Change 5: side stop time limit 90 seconds

The side parking shall be completed within 90 seconds, that is to say, when the vehicle leaves the depot, turn off the turn signal and do not roll the line according to the requirements, and complete the whole set of actions of the vehicle to the side. It is the same as the reverse storage, once it exceeds the time limit, it is unqualified.

Change 6: the gear is not adjusted before starting, which is unqualified

When the candidates start driving on the road, if they don't adjust the vehicle's gear to 'neutral' at the first time, they will be considered as' unqualified '. After the vehicle starts the ignition, if the candidates do not release the ignition switch in time, they will also be deducted 10 points immediately.

The above knowledge is the answer to the question "what subjects should be tested in the driving license test". There are four subjects to be tested in the driving license test, which are divided into two parts: theoretical test and practical operation. The theoretical test mainly tests traffic laws and regulations. If readers need legal help, welcome to legal consultation.