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Long man has a way to hold on to six moves every day for boys, height is the most important thing they value. If a boy is not high, it will make girls feel insecure. Therefore, girls' criteria for choosing a mate generally have requirements for boys' height. So for people whose parents are not very high, they will be afraid of their height, and they will think how to exercise Make them taller!

1、 Form the habit of getting up 40 to 60 minutes earlier in the morning;

2、 After getting up in the morning, go out and run first. Run your body to slight heat as a necessary preparation before exercise every morning.

3、 Do broadcast gymnastics, or learn a simple martial arts routine or some basic movements of martial arts. Note: when you first learn to practice martial arts, you should not ask for the resemblance of gods, but must pursue the resemblance of shapes. Only in this way can we make sure that our actions are consistent with those of the martial arts practitioners;

4、 How do teenagers exercise to grow tall? When exercising every morning, after taking a deep breath, try to scream at the sky with one breath.

5、 Prepare a cup of boiled water before going to bed every day. After getting up in the morning, the first thing is to add some hot boiled water to the cold boiled water and drink it on an empty stomach (first, dilute the blood viscosity in the body due to sleep; second, it is conducive to exercise without the bad state of insufficient blood supply and oxygen supply;

6、 Every morning we must have enough food, and at noon we must have enough. Chicken, duck, fish and meat can be eaten at will. But, dinner: first, it's better to eat some pasta (steamed bread, bread, noodles, etc.); second, it's better to eat less chicken, duck, fish, meat; third, eat well, don't eat too full.

According to the above methods, you may be able to grow your height, but this is not absolute. Each person has different physical quality and may achieve different effects, so it is not necessarily that everyone's height will grow, so sometimes everyone still depends on fate, but we still hope that every boy has a perfect height.