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You must know the six functions of donkey hide gelatin

Sihaiwang: as a healthy food, donkey hide gelatin plays a very important role in women's health. It can regulate menstruation, protect fetus, delay aging, and prevent cancer and other diseases. Now let's learn about this powerful food.

1. Replenish blood and stop bleeding

According to traditional Chinese medicine, donkey hide gelatin is sweet in taste and smooth in nature. It has the functions of nourishing blood, stopping bleeding, nourishing yin and moistening lung. It can treat women's menstruation, bleeding during pregnancy and weakness after childbirth.

2. Regulate menstruation and have a baby

Ejiao can be used for menstruation disorder caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis and blood heat; Ejiao can nourish Yin blood and benefit Chong Ren, so it can nourish, stabilize and treat pregnancy disease. It has a good therapeutic effect on the common unfixed fetal elements, restless fetal movements and even abortion.

3. Calcium supplement

After taking it, it can increase the intake of calcium in the body, effectively improve the loss of bone calcium, calcium salt outflow, osteoporosis, hyperosteogeny and various fractures caused by calcium deficiency.

4. Improve immunity

Ejiao can enhance immunity and reduce disease. It is suitable for the old and infirm, chronically ill and weak, susceptible to cold and other physical decline.

5. Delayed aging

Donkey hide gelatin contains gelatin, bone collagen, protein and many kinds of trace elements, amino acids and so on. These are important nutrients of human body, which have obvious anti-aging and longevity effects.

6. Beauty and beauty

Ejiao moistens the skin by nourishing blood, which is good for skin health care. Long term use can make the face ruddy, the skin delicate and glossy. It's a good product for nourishing skin and beauty.

The above is about the efficacy of donkey hide gelatin introduced by Xiaobian. I hope that female friends can prepare more such healthy food for themselves according to their own situation. It can not only make you more beautiful, but also make you have a healthier body.